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Railroad Trains, Part 3 Types of Trains

A dot-to-dot worksheet made from tracing a picture of a train. I made one for a steam engine, one for a freight car and one for a boxcar. At the bottom they have a couple of easy questions, of which the answers can be found above as labels on the pictures.
Types of Trains
So far we have only talked about Steam Engines, but there are two other types of trains, Electric and Diesel.
We discussed the advantages and disadvantages of these types of trains, compared the costs, pollution, maintenance, speed, impact of cost in merchandise, noise, city travel.
James made a bar graph, comparing the number of diesel and steam engines in use from 1941-1981. You can easily see how the use of diesel engines went up while the use of steam engines went down.
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  1. I'm curious where he got the data?

    Have you ever heard of/played Transamerica? It's a really fun board game that explains how our railroad system was laid out.

    1. He got the data from B & O Railroad.
      No, I don't know Transamerica. Is it for kids as young as my younger boys?

  2. Looks like a fun week or so. I read up the last 6 posts. I I love the activities ya'll do! Thanks for sharing!


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