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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

2011 Retrospective: Index of 2011 Posts

Picture Study: Botticelli
Postcard-Geography: China, Thailand

Picture Study: Durer
Genetics Unit (8th grade)
Egg Unit (Elementary level)
Art Techniques: Printing: Spring Flowers, Pressed-On Patterns, In the Fold
Composer Study: Vivaldi

Postcard Geography: The Philippines, Nebraska, Arkansas
Art Techniques: Printing: Relief Prints, Deep Groove Prints
Nature Study: Spring Trees
Art Techniques: Sculpture: Wild  Paper Animals
Composer Study: Bach
Picture Study: Michelangelo

Postcard-Geography: Alabama, Oregon, North Carolina, Denmark, Brazil

Picture Study: Bruegel
Postcard-Geography: New York, Hawaii
Art Techniques: Pastels: Queen Anne's Lace, Bubbles, Sparklers
Sculpture: Birds
Despite the fact that we planned to move this month, but instead Steven severly broke his leg and is still recovering from it, we regrouped and had fun and learned a lot anyway.Postcard-Geography Album: Canada, Japan
American Revolution
Operation Rescue Super Heroes
Magic Color-Changing Drink
Art Techniques: Pastels: Strawberries, Watermelon
Fizzy Explosion Bags
Campfireless Almost All Indoors Campout
Butterflies for Lunch
Watermelon Shark
Kick the Can Ice Cream
Berries and Chocolate Teatime
Watermelon Ice Cream
Watermelon Slushie
Watermelon Waffles

Shark Math
Ice Cube Boats
Cloud Parfaits
Ivory Soap Cloud
Cloud Cupcakes and Baby Bel Umbrellas
Place Value with Marshmallows
Nature Study: North American Millipede, Water Habitats, The Water Lilly and the Lotus, Queen Anne's Lace
Coin Values
Telling Time
Postcard-Geography: Maine, Michigan
Glitter Galaxy Playdough
Neighborhood Photo Scavenger Hunt
Banana Split Bites

Postcard-Geography: Wisconsin, Minnesota, Delaware, Nevada
Making Marbled Paper
How to Whistle on an Acorn Cap
Spelling Game with Scrabble Tiles
Physical Science: Concentration, Air Pressure and the Mass of Air
Colonial Toys: Handkerchief Doll, Whirligigs, Button Spinners
Northeast Indian Games and Toys: Wampanoag Toss and Catch GameIndian Doll Pouch, Cornhusk Doll
Nature Study: Dragonflies and Frogs, Fish
Math Games with Playing Cards
Dancing Raisins
Milk Colors

Green Eggs and Ham breakfast
Daily Life of the Colonies
Composer Study: Mozart
Postcard-Geography: Massachusetts, Estonia, New Mexico, Arizona
Acorns for Teatime
Density, Buoyancy and Fish
Little House in the Big Woods: Thimble Pictures
Beginning Addition and Subtraction
Young Ben Franklin
Simple Papermaking

Postcard-Geography: Virginia, Alabama Cotton, Rhode Island
Sugar Skull Soul Cakes
Patterns on Tiles and Cubes
American Revolution
Poppies for Vetern's Day
Air Pressure Demonstrations
Homemade Weather Station: Barometer, Hygrometer
Cloud in a Bottle
Picture Study: Vermeer
Nature Study: Dogwood Tree
The Water Cycle
Thanksgiving: Storytelling Beads, Yeast and Bread Making, Cornucopias
Little House on the Prairie: Covered Wagon, Quilt Squares
Note in a Bottle
Seeing the Effect of Changing Temperature



  1. What fun to see what you have done all year! And what a gift to be reminded of some fun things to do as we come to the next term of homeschooling - Thanks!

  2. It's really interesting to see the whole year laid out on one page!

  3. What a beautiful family and a blessed year!

  4. WOW! What a list!
    Happy, happy new year to you all :)

  5. What a GREAT resource page. As I have told you before, it blows me away how much you accomplish. I love this...seeing it all written out.

    Happy 2012 Sweet Friend.

  6. I agree with Leah! This is such a neat idea and keepsake.

  7. You and your kids accomplished so much this year. It's really amazing to see all that you listed.

  8. Too cool ....do you print your collage photos? What program do you use?

  9. I loved looking at your year in review. You really know how to pack a lot of learning and fun into each month! You are seriously an inspiration. I hope you had a wonderful holiday season!

  10. I have the opportunity to give you an award! http://www.dinosaursandoctopuses.com/2012/01/liebster-blog-award.html I absolutely adore you and your blog.

  11. I just keep coming back to this post. Ya know...I could just use this starting this month and have TONS of plans and activities. :)


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