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Snapshot Summary, December 19-25 Christmas Week

Snapshot Summary, December 19-25
Even though the week was full of Christmas goodness, we were able to sneak in a little school work as well.
63 x 53 7/8 in. National Gallery of Scotland, Edinburgh
Our picture study this week was Vermeer's Christ in the House of Martha and Mary.
It was interesting for the boys to see Vermeer's style with a familiar scene from the Bible.

In math, more division practice for James
and for Quentin, we added a tin-can for the thousands column and we rolled the die to make up addition problems.
For the first row, we rolled four times for the four place values ones-thousands. Next we rolled three times for the next row. Then he added (or subtracted) them. We began recording these problems, too.
(I gathered all my division and addition/subtractions posts together in one post for each to help any of you that might want to follow this method for your student's math.)
Our postcard for our postcard-geography was from Israel and we completed our page the same day we had fun with Hanukkah activities. (see below)
The rest of week...

Christmas in Australia
 Made Icebox Cookies.


We made doughnuts and
 played the driedle game,
lit the menorah and completed a page for their books.
Christmas in Italy
Befana delivers gifts to the children in Italy.
Italian Christmas Cookies
Cocoa Bar, popcorn and a Movie
Flourless Chocolate Cookies
Christmas in the Philippines

A Parol is a traditional Filipino Christmas decoration, that is as important a symbol of Christmas as the Christmas tree is to us.It is a star-shaped lantern, for the star of Bethelem, traditionally made out of bamboo and paper.  It was first made in the late 1920's and was used to light their paths during the yuletide dawn Masses as electricity was yet unavailable at the time in many rural areas. It is traditionally put up in September until epiphany in January.
With everyone helping our order of wood went from the driveway where it was delivered to the front porch. It was 60 degrees today, so it hardly seemed necessary, but the weather predictions are for snow by Christmas Day. We have our fingers crossed.

Nutcracker Cupcakes

The Night Before Christmas...
Christmas Morning
Stuffed horse Katie made for Quentin and James
Meanwhile, Merry Christmas to you all!


  1. LOVE the last picture there! :)

  2. Oh Merry Christmas!! Love, love the photo of you in your Santa hat! The math activities, Israel postcard, your picture/artist study, all the baking. And being all snug with a load of wood - ready for snow and Christmas.

  3. Merry Christmas!

    I agree that last picture is wonderful.

  4. So much goodness in your week :)
    I especially love the cocoa bar, popcorn and a movie AND the last photo of you!!

    Merry Christmas!!

  5. Merry Christmas to you and your family!!! May you know His peace and joy throughout the new year as well! God bless.

  6. Love Buzz Lightyear hugging the stuffed horse...now that is a sweet photo! Such great memories being made in your home this year.

  7. Merry Christmas, I hope your family have had a wonderful holiday season:)

  8. Love your week. The doughnuts look delicious! And you Santa hat picture is the best.


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