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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Most Popular Posts 2011!

Ivory Soap Cloud
Make a bar of soap burst into a fluffy cloud!

Marco Polo's Travels Through Persia
and make a picture of the camel caravan in a sand storm.

Marco Polo and the Mongols
and learn about yurt construction.


Science Mystery: The Beginning
of a series of forensic science activities for elementary age students.
This first activity is matching shoe prints.

Art Study: Michelangelo's Moses
and making bird sculptures
(Science Mystery, Part 5)
How to make and classify fingerprints.

Ocean Currents and Explorers
A high school level study that combined science and history, comparing the known routes certain explorers took with deep and surface currents and how explorers learned where currents existed and how to take advantage of them.
Picture Study: Raphael Sanzio's Saint George and the Dragon
shows how we do a picture study, even with young students.


Marco Polo in China in The Realm of Kublai Khan
This post covers a lot of topics including the Silk Road and silk worms,
 the Spice Trade and the spice Black Pepper and peppercorns, including a recipe for Black Pepper Cookies!

The  most popular post of 2011 was a little fun summer activity,
Fizzy Explosion Bags
A fun chemical reaction activity for even the youngest scientist that takes simple materials you probably already have around the house.
Looking forward to more fun in 2012!


  1. I love this wrap up Phyllis. Funny that the Fizzy Explosion Bags were the most popular. We did that one and LOVED it. I can't wait to see all your creative ideas for 2012!!

  2. It is interesting to see which posts get the most traffic. Fizzy Explosion bags are always a hit- at least in my house! I also love your Marco Polo posts.

  3. All of these posts are so intriguing! I don't have pinterest on my husbands computer (which I'm using :/) but I'll be revisiting to pin all of these posts when I get my computer back!


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