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Saint Francis DeSales

Snapshot Summary, Thanksgiving Week, November 21-27

Thanksgiving Week English: Storytelling Beads
Quentin had fun telling us the story of the first Thanksgiving by using storytelling bead bracelets he made. He made bracelets for us all.
Thanksgiving Week Science: Yeast Fermentation
We learned about how yeast works to made bread products light and tasty. An easy science lesson to do while preparing Thanksgiving goodies.

Thanksgiving Week Math: How Many Were There?
We took a look at the 53 pilgrims that were at the first Thanksgiving: the 22 men, 4 women, 14 teens and 13 children. You can find their names at the Pilgrim Hall Museum. (This idea came from Almost Unschoolers.)
James made us these little cornucopias for the Thanksgiving table favors.
On Thanksgiving Day, we watched the Macy's parade live via the computer. None of those silly announcers and dance routines.
For lunch, I made these little "turkey" (cheese) sandwich bentos and put them in the fridge for people to eat whenever they wanted.

The bento lunches let us adults make the Thanksgiving dinner without interruption. There was much cooking for this feast.

We started a couple of new traditions.
Following the idea from the Country Living article, Stitching Together a Tradition (November 2011 issue), I took a plain white tablecloth, set out some pens and told everyone they could add anything they wanted to the tablecloth. I will embroider over the lines of their creations this weekend. We will bring it out from year to year and see the memories of the years unfold with the tablecloth.
The other new tradition we did this year was to cut little strips of paper and have everyone fill out something they were thankful for this year on the slips and then fold them up. As I rolled up the crescent rolls, I added one to each roll. As the rolls were eaten, each person found and unrolled the slip of paper found in their roll and read them aloud. Then he had to guess who had written it. Another reminder of all we had to be thankful for.
Our new Friday-after-Thanksgiving tradition (Thanks to Cricket.) is to have pie for breakfast.
I hope you had as blessed a Thanksgiving as we have had.

Weekend Snapshots
sunset photo by James, Indian Corn cookies, Praying Mantis


  1. We watched the parade the same way - it was really nice!

  2. I love the tablecloth idea! What a great tradition. Thanksgiving story beads sound amazing. I am about to look back and see if I can find where you posted the "how to". Your Thanksgiving looks like a wonderful day full of love and caring and family and food. :)

  3. Just stopping by to say hi from the Homeschool Blog Awards. :^)

    Tina H.
    Being Made New (http://tinahollenbeck.blogspot.com)

  4. I am happy that Sandy came to see you guys!!The table cloth looks like a great idea!!

  5. Thank you for stopping by with the Thanksgiving greeting. It looks like your family had a great time. I love the table cloth and the cornucopias.

  6. Well, next year I believe we will watch the parade on the computer too. Thanks for the tip! And pie for breakfast the morning after Thanksgiving? I am all for it! What a wonderful week you've had - with Sandy and all your activities.

  7. Love the cornucopias!! I hope we get to see your tablecloth.


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