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Snapshot Summary, October 24-31, week 8

Snapshot Summary, October 24-31

Quentin's math journal.
This is entirely for his own exploration and recording. I do not correct it.
This week in math Quentin and Alex worked on commutative properties/fact families. 
James is still working on multiplication. Like most people with dyscalculia, James knows math theory very well and can do multiplication in his head, but when it comes to multi-digit multiplication on paper, he gets lost in following the steps. This just takes time and patience for him to master. I won't hold up his learning more complicated mathematical theory, but we will keep working on his reliably being able to produce the correct answers with multiplication while we go on to other topics.
 Sam has had a terrible cold all week so has not felt up to do very much school work at all.
In English, the boys worked on similes and metaphors, as well as prefixes and suffixes. This is a topic that I can cover with all of the boys, but at their own individual levels.
For our Postcard-Geography this week, we studied Arizona...
and learned about the Navajo...

We began looking at the prelude to the American Revolution and read about the acts and taxations which began the separation of the Colonies from their mother country. We tied this into the French and Indian wars we had studied a few weeks ago. We ended this week's study with the Boston "Massacre."
Quentin's Cover for his Ben Franklin studies.
We learned about Ben Franklin's youth...
 (see the books we have been reading below)

and about his publishing and printing. To go along with this, we decided to made homemade paper.
We even made some out of dryer lint (not pictured) to be more like the Colonists that made paper out of cloth.
Quentin wanted to make a human body model, so I got out the materials from a book I had in storage and he colored and put it together all in one sitting. The enthusiasm when the child picks the topic is amazing. After we finished he thanked me for telling him the names of all the bones!
For our nature study, we looked at part of a wasp's nest.

With it being a holiday week for us and everyone not feeling too well,
we had a lot of tasty food fun.
Our breakfasts and teatimes this week have included...
Pumpkin Coffee Cake with Brown Sugar Glaze
and little "sandwiches" made of Nilla wafers, banana slices and chocolate peanut butter.

chocolate spider muffins for breakfast...

Spider webs for teatime...

Pumpkin Cheese Danishes for breakfast.
Rice Krispie Treats Pumpkin Patch for teatime.

We also had Jack o' Lantern Quesadillas for lunch one day.

Other Fun Things We Did
We dug holes,
had lots of fun with pretend play,
drew pictures,
played on the computer,
read books...

What We Are Reading
We have read a variety of books about Ben Franklin.

And Our Favorite Resource this week is...
which fits in perfectly with the history and our physical science activities we have already planned. I plan to help the little boys to set up a weather station and track the weather, and there are instructions for homemade weather instruments in the book.

Weekend Snapshots


  1. I love your breakfast teatimes!

  2. What a fun week, and so many yummy foods and treats :)
    I think Ben Franklin is a very interesting person to learn about. We actually own the Ben Franklin experiment book...someone gave it to us a while back. You have reminded me to pull it out and take another look at it.
    Thanks for linking to Favorite Resources, Phyllis!

  3. Oh, what a fun week! It makes me miss our days of unit studies and anticipate them again (although it also makes me a little bit tired! ha!). I remember making the Navajo fry bread a few years back in a unit study and it has become a family favorite repeated again and again. We turn them into tacos sometimes, and other times we eat the fry bread with hot artichoke dip--mmmm, mmmm, good!!!! :)

  4. Sorry to hear that you were feeling blech...that is never fun.

    Love wasps nests - I think they are absolutely fascinating.

    The pumpkin cheese danish sounds heavenly.

    I love it when the kids thank me for teaching them something...

  5. Wowsa, wowsa! Looks like an amazing week despite the feeling poorly. I think my middle girl and Quentin would love to do projects together - love his skeleton. We will definitely be making jack 0'lantern quesadillas, thanks to y'all. Your history studies are wonderful - the weather station sounds fun! And your explanation of your math learning is all the more reason homeschooling is such a blessing. Enjoyed this!

  6. What a great week you had!

    I also had one down with a cold- it was a nasty one. I hope your family gets through it without it spreading. So far, I think we have.

    I love everything you did- the paper (it is so pretty), the wasp nest, all the food... Good stuff.

  7. You got me thinking...I don't know when was the last time I did multi-step multiplication on paper. The last time might have been when I was teaching. Other than that, I just use a calculator. Even when I use Excel, I just add the equation and it does the computation for me. I'm thinking about skipping all of that or going over it briefly and possibly teach her how to use the abacus which I have to learn as well. Been looking out for good resources for learning to use the abacus.

  8. Anonymous29.10.11

    What a wonderful week! I love all your pictures, information & resources! The Navajo fried bread looks very cool - I love enhancing learning with food, crafts & games!
    I would like to invite you to link up at my linky party - http://livinglifeintentionally.blogspot.com/search/label/Linkey%20Parties

  9. Seriously, your food items you displayed here and tied in with your schooling...so creative, fun, and neat!!!

  10. What a fantastic week! I'm loving all the snacks and that you took plenty of time for free play too:)

  11. Anonymous29.10.11

    Nice week to say the least! ! Love how all you guys are learning. I think my kiddos will enjoy tea time too,thank you for the inspiration! Thank you for sharing.
    Discovering Montessori

  12. I love your week posts - so many good ideas together. Thanks for joining WMCIR with Ben Franklin books.


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