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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Snapshot Summary, October 10-16, week 6

We had a bit of a difficult week this week because we were all fighting some sort of bug. It hit Steven the hardest, but we all have felt bad at different times during the week. We did get some things accomplished...

Quentin and Alex are still working on addition and subtraction problems. I have started a math notebook with Quentin. I will write more about this next week as we work in it and have more to show you.
Partial Product Method
James is working on multiplication.
Sam has begun his second unit in Algebra, and Simple Apprehension in Logic.

In Quentin's reading, we are looking at the different sounds that vowels make. He is reading Nate the Great this week and loving it.
James is reading poetry and we are looking at homophones is his book. In his writing we are looking at interjections and conjunctions. With conjunctions, he can combine two simple sentences to make more complex sentences.
Sam began The Lord of the Rings, Book Two.
Alex worked on a report on Trees from Easy File Folder Reports.
They wrote about Columbus for Columbus Day.

History and Geography

Reviewed Columbus' Voyages for Columbus Day.
Captain Cook's Voyages, 1768-1771
Our history study for this week was Exploring the South Seas. Sam and Alex added names, events and dates to their timelines.
We learned about Estonia this week for our Postcard-Geography Album.

Fine Arts
We learned about Mozart and Rondos.

Science and Nature Study
We finally got the materials we needed and finished our frog and toad comparison project.
We glued a clear planter gems for the frog's bulging eye. The frog is laminated to make his skin slick. The toad, on the other hand, has lentils glued to his skin to represent the toad's bumpy, dry skin.
We also discussed the fact that frogs have slimmer bodies than toads and have webbed toes on their back feet. Their legs are longer, too. We also discussed the fact that most toads can be found on land only whereas frogs can be found in the water, trees and on land.
 This idea and the templates came from Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational.

Sam and Alex learned about humidity,  the composition of air and about carbon dioxide. Alex is continuing to work on his physical science lapbook.
We made a density tower...
Alex's journal page
We related this to how the fish's swim bladder works.
We also learned about salmon migration.
Foreign Languages
In Latin, Sam is working on the Ablative Case, and in Greek, Sam is continuing working on vocabulary and sentence practice

Our Favorite Resource
We have loved Videotext Algebra for our Middle to High School students. It is very step-by-step and shows the "whys" of how math works instead of memorizing processes. You know how everyone was taught that when dividing fractions, you invert the one side and multiply? Well, this program starts there and tells you WHY that works, what you are actually doing when you do that. Going on from there it teaches algebra concepts simply but solidly so that you understand fully before going on. Sam is my second child who disliked math until he started this program. I believe for James we will just go directly to this program (next year) and have him understand from the beginning instead of memorizing steps that become a drag and overwhelming and unnecessary.

Fall Teatimes
Mugs of hot cider and acorns

Halloween cookies and hot chocolate

We also enjoyed this recipe...
Weekend Snapshots
Harvest Party
Hay Ride, Corn Maze

Tasty Food, Bonfire, Roasting Marshmallows

Square Dancing


  1. Videotext Algebra sounds very interesting - thanks for sharing!! Sure looks like a busy and lovely week despite the sickness. (we had some around here too *cough, cough*) Love your Columbus Day studies and, of course, fall tea times!!

  2. Even though you all were dealing with illness, you still got lots accomplished! I hope you are all on the mend and have a nice weekend.

    Thanks for sharing with Favorite Resources. It's good to find a method of math learning that works so well for you! I agree that it is best to avoid having math become a negative thing. We battle a bit with math negativity here. I think it's a remnant leftover from the girls' time in public school.

  3. I am always amazed by the quality of your work as well as how much you get done! You are a blessing to your kids and the blogging community! I hope everyone feels better soon.

  4. The acorns and the hot chocolate look amazing! Your weeks are always so fun looking and productive! Great job :)

  5. Wow. That's a lot for one week!
    The acorns look so fun. :)

  6. I'm so glad you made the frogs and toads (thanks for linking up). Yours turned out amazing! It looks like you all had a busy - and fun - week. I have to admit, those acorns are pretty amazing! As always, thanks for sharing your super ideas!

  7. Fabulous week! You have a beautiful family. I love the density tower. Your hot cocoa and cookies look great and remind me of our special afternoon last week.

  8. Hope you are feeling better soon! We made a density tower recently too -- and the kiddos loved it. GREAT photos, Phyllis!!

  9. You do so much in a week!! What awesome things you have for your kids. I hope they realize how incredible blessed they are. I love the frog/toad comparison. The acorns are great. I must take a look at that recipe.

    Hope you are all feeling better now.

  10. I want to eat all of your snacks NOW! I hope they were as good as they looked =) Love your geography connection. Too many kids do not know what or how to use globes. It is a skill we find essential in our household. Would love to learn more about your fine arts studies and where you find your pictures!

  11. Alex has the loveliest smile! What a great photo!


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