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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Snapshot Summary: September 19-23, week 3

We reviewed adjectives and played a game in which we gathered a group of one type of items, such as cars and then we had to choose one and describe which one we were thinking of by giving one adjective at a time as clues.
We also made bags for each part of speech and slipped index cards with the appropriate words in each bag. We then picked a set of each words and made silly sentences from them. We then used the Mad Libs pages at Imagine Childhood to make silly stories. I also plan to encourage them to use more adjectives in their nature journals.
Using the Spooky Story Cubes from Make Me, we practiced both adjectives and verbs. The cubes provide the nouns. They rolled a couple of them and then, supplying the adjectives and verbs made fun sentences. If they forgot to add adjectives, I could remind them what they were by asking them questions like, "what kind of bat is it?" to get answers like scary or black or ugly.
We reviewed the three types of verbs and the past, present and future tenses of verbs as well as irregular verbs.
Sam is working in Learning Literature with Lord of the Rings.
We sketched pictures of the ocean floor and labeled the different areas.

We had fun comparing the mass of the plastic in a small bottle and that of a large bottle...
as opposed to the mass of a balloon full of air balanced with an empty balloon.

We had fun with bouyancy with
Sam and Alex are working from Exploring Creation with Physical Science.
Alex is completing the lapbook for it.

Nature Study

History and Geography

Geography Term: Desert
Following the directions at Layers of Learning, we made a pop-up scene that we will be working on for the next few weeks, adding one term at a time. This week the wrote the definition of a desert and we labeled it in their pop-up. This went along well with our state of Nevada study.
Sam mapped the Great Lake area with Paddle to the Sea.
Quentin writes and sketches in his history journal.
Colonial Toys
and Button Spinners.

We played a game that Quentin made over the weekend.
Math Games with Playing Cards
We practiced place value, additon, subtraction and multiplication....all with a deck of playing cards.
Sam is getting used to a full high school load, which is quite an adjustment, particularly in terms of testing and completing assignments on time. He completed another math test this week.

Foreign Language
Sam is working on his third semester of Greek and is still enjoying Latin. In fact it is...

Our Favorite Resource This Week
This is the one subject Sam leaps to do. We find Visual Latin's teacher fun and interesting. We watch the lesson and Sam completes the worksheets, one of which is translating a page of Latin. It is our favorite Latin program.
Household Ways
Mixed greens, craisins, glazed pecans, grapes, blue cheese, goat cheese
vinegrette made from balsamic vinegar, canola oil and honey
homemade rolls on the side
We made these honey glazed chicken and bacon bites (recipe from Kayotic Kitchen). Alex and I loved them, but the others were not so fond of them.
 We also loved Pea and Potato Gratins.


  1. What strikes me about your week is all the smiles in those photos! I love the parts of speech bag game and all your experiments. And that study of the ocean floor and the accompanying sketching - wow! Plus the math games with cards - what fun :) You are reminding me to break out the decks this weekend.

  2. I love reading/seeing the wonderfully creative ways your family gets to learn. I'm amazed every time I stop by. And this may sound silly, but I like to eat Scrabble cheezits now whenever I come for a visit. ;)

  3. Another rich, full week :) I love reading about all of the fun activities you are up to!

    I have actually downloaded some of the free lessons from Visual Latin, as well as the worksheets, and we have to explore them.
    Thanks for linking to Favorite Resources!!

    I love your new header, by the way :)

  4. Wow, an impressive week! I'm tired just reading about it :) I read your post under the autism tab and just wanted to say that I am glad that you found what your children needed. You sound like a string mom!

  5. We love Visual Latin too. What a fun week. I see it must be getting colder where you live? Everyone has shirts on. How strange! ha!

  6. We need to do The Dancing Raisins. Looks like so much fun and kids will really enjoy it.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  7. What a great week! You are learning a lot together!

    I LOVE the frog and dragonfly drawings!


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