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Saint Francis DeSales

Snapshot Summary, August 29-September 5 {Not-Back-to-School, Last of the Summer Fun}

Snapshot Summary August 29-September 5

As Irene swept through, she left us in the dark. From Saturday to Monday afternoon, we were without electricity. During the blackout, Quentin got interested in drawing and made this little haunted house.

Our Not-Back-to-School Week started with bike riding. With everyone back to school, the street was empty.
After lunch, I made them some galaxy glitter playdough and they had fun playing with it for hours.

In the morning, my friend, Denise, took me grocery shopping, which was really needed with the food lost during the blackout, but takes four or five hours. In the afternoon, we went on the Neighborhood Photo Scavenger Hunt Katie had planned for the boys. She had them find out different things about their neighborhood such as, "How many fire trucks are at the fire station?" The boys, who are still learning to read well, took pictures to answer many of the questions.
Then we went to the neighborhood park to play...
and have me teach them how to whistle on an acorn cap.
Later, after dinner, we enjoyed these mini Banana Split Bites.

For lunch we had a cheese tasting...

to complete our study of Wisconsin.

I had planned a fun artsy project for them, but they wanted to play Blokus and spend time baking instead, so that is what we did. This is the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake Sam and I made together.

We made cookies out of the rest of the dough.
More bike riding...

building with Magformers...

on my front door.

We made marbled paper.


  1. Smiling at all of this! Will you teach me how to whistle on an acorn cap? ...I agree. Sometimes I just want to play Blokus and bake too. Especially all the yumminess you enjoy. Have a fabulous weekend!

  2. A very full week!!

  3. Trisha- The best tutorial I have ever seen on how to whistle on an acorn cap is (aptly) at Acorn Pies. You know how those things are hard to describe!

  4. Despite the hurricane, it looks like you had a wonderful week of fun and learning. My oldest would think I was the coolest mom if I could figure out how to whistle with an acorn!

  5. You bake the best food around your house!!

    Great week! The cheese tasting and the scavenger hunt look so fun.

  6. Except for losing electricity for a while, it looks like you had a great week.


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