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First Day of School 2011-2012, Our 16th Year of Homeschooling

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This year I have a second grader, a fourth grader and two ninth graders.
 We took first day photos this year...
 And with their new packs of 24 Crayola colors, the boys played Word Roll game from Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational. In addition to reading a graph, they had to read the color words printed on the graph and match it with the colors printed on the crayons.

Instead of using flashcards to practice our addition facts, we played War with dominoes. Quentin had to count the two dominoes and determine which one was the larger, or winner. In addition, James had to determined the amount by which the player had won. We played for about two hours straight and had a lot of fun and a lot of math practice.


  1. I like Quentin's grin - you've got to love a 2nd grader!

  2. Adorable pics!

    We play war with Multiplication flash cards -- just liked you'd play war with playing cards -- the higher product wins!

  3. Happy first day!

    I plan on mentioning you and your cooking blog in my blog entry on Friday. Is that OK? I made the Banana Mini Bites!

    Oh, love the idea of War with multiplication cards!

  4. Alex did not look as happy as Quentin to have his picture taken, teens....... :)

    We've been playing a variation on war too here lately. The kids have been loving it.

  5. Great kick off to the new school year!

  6. I'm glad the kids had fun with the Crayola Crayon Word Roll and thanks for linking back to my blog!

  7. Congratulations on the start of the new school year. What a great start with school cones. It's a German tradition, so we did it for Anna too on her first day for school. Lovely pictures!

  8. Anonymous11.9.11

    Love the first day of school pictures... and that math game looks like fun! I wonder if Daniel would like something like that?! :)


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