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Summer Fun #58: Neighborhood Photo Scavenger Hunt

I saw this idea at WhiMSy Love and I knew right away that it was the activity for us, although we made it a co-operative activity instead of a competition. We also decided to have them notake pictures of the various places to give us as their answers. In advance of this activity, Katie walked around the neighborhood and picked out things for the little brothers to find.
Then the boys, with their questions, went on their hunt.

What is Betterton's motto?

On what street is Cody's vegetable stand?

How many flags are on the telephone poles?
How many fire trucks are at the fire station?

What is the name of the church that has been recently converted into the town hall?

Who is the pavilion named after?

What is the price for a small pizza at Marzella's?
How many missiles are in front of the VFW hall?

And for a job well done, we stopped off at Betterton Park to play...

to collect acorn caps...

and for me to show them how to turn one into a whistle.
What summer fun can you find in your own neighborhood?


  1. Anonymous31.8.11

    Wow, what a great scavenger hunt! Looks like it was tons of fun : )
    I never knew that a top of an acorn can become a whistle, Kelly & I will have to try that tomorrow.


  2. That sounds like a lot of fun!

  3. What a fun project :) A creative way to get out together and explore your neighborhood!

  4. I think I'm going to try this with Sunnyboy soon! It's a great way to explore the neighbourhood! :)


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