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Summer Fun #49: Berries and Chocolate Tea Time

Today we had a summertime red berries and chocolate tea time.
These pretty and delicious treats are easy to make. You will need raspberries and chocolate chips for the raspberry treat and angel food cake, chocolate glaze, strawberries and skewers for the strawberry kabobs. You can use just chocolate syrup for the kabobs but the glaze holds on more firmly than the syrup.

I saw these simply sweet treats at Sasha Libby, and they are as simple to make as they look. Just take a chocolate chip and insert it, carefully pointy side in, in the opening of a raspberry. They are especially good with white chocolate chips.

I found these at My Own Road. Take a angel food cake and cut it into squares. Skewer them alternating with strawberries (with stems removed, of course). Once finished, squeeze on chocolate glaze. You can make your own or use chocolate sauce but we used Amazing Glazes from Duncan Hines and it has rave reviews from my boys.
The whole tea time treats only took a few minutes to make and from how quickly they went, it seems we will be doing it again.


  1. Both treats look very yummy! I know that my daughter will adore raspberries with chocolate :)

  2. Anonymous30.7.11

    Oh - Good Gravy - Those look yummy! Scrolling through posts on my reader and love the contemplation photo - Strawberry Pastels - Pirate Ships - I love the indoor Camping and the photo idea you found for the tents! Great Content!

  3. Yum! Looks wonderful!


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