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Settlers in North America; from Pilgrims to Colonists {1600-1740}

We just briefly touched on the Pilgrims, the Iroquois and the other woodland tribes and the 13 colonies this week. We will be going into this in more detail at the beginning of next year's studies right after Labor Day, but I wanted to look at them briefly now so they can see them in context to the other things going on in the world during this time period. Here are some of the resources we used this week and some that we will be using in the fall.
Pilgrim and Indians puppets (paper dolls) from Pilgrims

Pilgrims; Complete Theme Unit Developed in Cooperation with Pilgrim Hall Museum
Pilgrim and Indian (paper dolls) puppets

The boys each pretended to be either an Indian or a Pilgrim and had appropriate cards with which to made trades.
Trading Game

Made Pasta Wampum

and weaved it into a Wampum Belt

Field Trips

Review sheet that coorelates a timeline with a map.
Students glue down arrows with the names of the first three settlements in America between when they were established with where they were located.


  1. you are so tempting me to get that 3d map set........

  2. Ticia- We don't make the 3-D maps the way they are supposed to because they then wouldn't lay flat in a book so ours look a little different. I still think they look cool, especially using the parchment style paper.


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