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Pastels: Sparklers for Independance Day

We love sparklers for the 4th festivities!

So, what better chalk pastel picture could we do this week than sparklers?

We love the pastel tutorials at Hodgepodge. They are so easy to follow, that even my 7-year old can turn out a successful picture, and yet so interesting that my 19-year old (and myself, for that matter) can enjoy them. (There are so many to choose from, too!)

The sparkler pictures are done on black paper, which shows off all the bright colors of the chalks.
(top left) Katie, age 19; (top right) Quentin, age 7
(bottom left) James, age 10, (bottom right) Phyllis

The tutorials are just enough instruction to make you feel confident, but not so much as to take away individuality. See how different our pictures turned out?
Happy Independence Day!


  1. Wow! GREAT chalk drawings! LOVE them!

  2. I picked up some chalk to make chalk drawings later. Maybe we'll add sparklers to the list as well.

  3. I really like the way those came out! You are all so talented.

  4. Those are beautiful! They are alive :)

  5. LOVE sparklers! The chalk art is wonderful!

  6. Excellent! I love the contrast of the colorful chalk against the black paper...

  7. Oh hooray! Each and every one beautiful!! It is wonderful for me to be able to see you all working on your pastels and the results. Thank you for your words - as Nana and I have always hoped these lessons would be enjoyable for ALL ages. I agree with Susan, above, your pictures are alive! Happy 4th!!

  8. Those are totally fun...

  9. So bright, so much energy, and so individual, each and every one! Thank you for sharing these, and all those Happy night-pics!

    (and we have some catch up creating to do, over here, now that it's the holidays. We will finally make those flowers you sent! Can't wait. Thank you, again, Phyllis. We haven't forgotten!)


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