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Memorial Day: Summer Bucket List, 2011

Places to Go
Nature Hike
Drive-In Movie
Young Eagles Free Airplane Rides 

Specific Places (around East TN)

Things to Do
Catch Fireflies
Picnic with Cupcakes-on-the-Go
Try new foods (perhaps a couple of new fruits?)
Fly Kites
Waterballoon Toss
Paddle Ball with balloons and homemade paddles

(over-sized popsicle sticks attached to paper plates)
Use the sprinkler/garden hose to cool off
Outdoor Games such as horseshoes, croquet, volleyball, etc.
Things to Make
Kites (or here)
Edible (Frosting or Peanut Butter) Playdoh
Galaxy Playdoh 
Paper (Perhaps Flower Paper)

Food to Make
S'mores over a Campfire
Planting Dirt Cups

Phineas and Ferb lunch

Banana Split Bites
For More Summer Bucket Ideas go to Little Wonder's Days.



  1. You mean people actually make non-edible frosting? That's just wrong!

    Jeff and I went to Jamestown and Williamsburg when I was pregnant with Princess, and I loved both, but like Williamsburg a bit more. It's supposed to have a homeschool week.

  2. No, it's edible playdoh -one made from frosting and one made from peanut butter. Sorry if I was unclear.
    Yes, we have been to both -one time to Williamburg's Homeschool week with about 50 homeschoolers in our support group. My kids all liked Jamestown better. I liked it too, but I think it was simply because I had already been to Willamsburg several times but that was the only time I have been to Jamestown. The boys are studying Jamestown in history soon so I thought it would be a good time to go again.

  3. GREAT list!!!

    My oldest daughter and I were just talking about our summer bucket list. So much fun, isn't it? It makes one slow down and enjoy life...every single day!

    May your summer be filled with blessings all the way through!

  4. What a nice list - thanks for all the links! I hope you will have a very nice summer.

  5. Oh my goodness, I want to spend the summer with you! I love how you planned your list into types of activities. Thanks for linking up to the party and have a super fun summer!

  6. What a fantastic list! Free airplane rides sound especially amazing to me!

  7. I love your list! I am borrowing your list. I am with "little wonders" I want to spend my summer with YOUR family. :) Great list.

  8. Amazing! Your kids are very blessed to have such an enriching life. I love that you used an actual bucket :)

  9. Incredible! I think we'll do a school year bucket list. Thanks for the inspiration.


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