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Saint Francis DeSales

Marbled Eggs

Today we tried a new technique for dying eggs. I have seen this done on several blogs this year.

First take crayons and shave the wax with a grater or food processor. Boil your eggs and while they are still very hot, roll them in the colored wax shavings.

Now dye as usual. Any areas not covered by the wax will let the dye through.
It makes a marbled effect.


  1. Beautiful! And I have some crayon shaving just waiting be used for something!


  2. They are great!!

  3. Beautiful! How different - and pretty! Happy Easter you and your family, my friend! What a treat to find your message this morning.

  4. Your eggs turned out so pretty. We enjoyed doing this as well...except the egg being so hot.

  5. What a fascinating technique - I wonder if I could use it for something else.


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