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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Nature Connections in March

While many  parts of the country are experiencing lots of nice warm weather, spring is slow in coming in Maryland. It is neither cold so that it is charming to bundle up and take a walk in the snow nor is it warm enough to enjoy exploring. It is damp and chilly; lighting a fire in the fireplace almost every day. Even so, we have a connection to nature. We are not always comfortable enough to be in it, but it is always on our minds and hearts.
The first of March was still pretty cold, although we saw signs of plants coming back to life. 

We had a warm spell and took a stroll around a friend's gardens and saw how man and nature can mix beautifully.

 A week and a half later we had a egg hunt as part of school, just to get them outside...

and running around in long sleeves and barefoot.

On Saint Patrick's day we noticed that my daffodils were blooming.

Aren't they the sweetest little things?

 Then we had a few days of nice spring weather...
 so the boys went outside to play...

while it lasted.

On the first day of spring we noticed that the flowers really began to bloom, both the planted...

and the wild...

which inspired some spring pictures.

We took a Super-Moon walk.
And the next day was warm enough to inspire thoughts of summer...

 and (a few days later) more nature inspired prints.

The seeds Katie had planted earlier in the month were beginning to show themselves by the 25th.

 Our last nature inspired prints were of leaves and ladybugs.
I just love the veins in these leaf prints.

So, although in March we did not do anything special outside, we did enjoy it when we could and when we couldn't, we thought and dreamed about it, our hearts forever connected to it.


  1. Aren't you just so ready for Spring? We were teased for about a week with lovely, warm weather but now it is chilly and wet again.

    Daffodils are just about my favorite thing..I get giddy when I see them. I love the art pics! Wonderful.

  2. Oh how exciting to see the seeds Katie planted - now sprouting! I love the beach photo (all of the fun photos). Can I come prop my feet up there?

  3. i totally hear you on our weather here!! i was hoping to put some seed in the ground myself, but then we got that snow!! oh well. thank you for sharing those great photos!!

  4. Love all the nature inspired artwork.

  5. I totally get the long sleeves and bare feet! We're still waiting for our daffodils - the green bits are up, but it will be another week or two before we see any yellow. Still, it's amazing how even in the cold damp weather, you can feel the shift to spring.

  6. Lucky you could see the super moon!!

  7. What a terrific post! I loved all the artwork your boys did - so colorful. What did you use to print that caterpillar?

  8. Love your post. Hooray for spring and time to be barefoot. That super moon was something!


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