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The Reformation {1500-1600}

Sam looked at Luther's 95 Theses and analyzed them. I think everyone twelve and up should read the 95 Theses, whatever your beliefs or belief system is so that you can understand it in a historical sense at least. We found a copy to use in the Veritas Press teacher's guide, but I am sure you can find it other places.
This map is from The Story of the World's Activity Guide.
We mapped where the different Christian groups were in 1560.
And we discussed how religious and political issues became entwined.

Quentin's notebook page from Homeschool Journey's History Portfolios


  1. I agree, and now I'm trying to remember if I've actually read them or if I just know the general idea......

  2. I agree as well. I will have to try to remember this for when Selena is older.


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