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Pivateers and Spanish Galleons, Finishing Phase I

Finishing Phase I
The ships will reach their destinations at different times depending on how many point-awarded activities they have done and the effects of fates. When a ship has reached its destination then it is ready for phase II of the game, but it must wait for the other game players to reach their destinations. This is a break for the students who have worked hard, and an encouragement to those who have not worked as hard to complete their activities. Students can complete any activity that they have not done yet, or you/they can pick an age appropriate activity for them from the list below, or make up an appropriate activity for them. Once all ships have reached their destinations, you can begin phase II of the game.

-Write a short research paper on a related topic
-Write a biographical sketch of an explorer or pirate.
-Learn some seafaring songs and share what you have learned.
-Study sailing techniques and share what you have learned.
-Build a diorama showing some aspect of a mariner's life or an explorer claiming some land for his country.
-Construct a ship model and share what you have learned.
-Do a puppet show about something you have studied.

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  1. What a great game!
    I love these kinds of fun incentives for learning!


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