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Ending Our Study of the Middle Ages with a Medieval Feast

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The tables were set with trenchers, wooden spoons and finger bowls. This was the high table for the King and Queen.

The rest ate at the regular table, by beeswax candles.

Katie was our serving girl.

The menu consisted of beef stew (without New World potatoes -turnips instead), spinach and cheese pies, pureed leeks and leeks and cheese, smoked turkey legs, bread, apple cider and red wine to drink.

The kids really loved it when we said they could throw their turkey bones on the floor for the (invisible) dogs.

You see, we had prepared the floor for this by covering it with plastic tablecloths.

We even let the serving girl eat with us.

After our meal we had a knighting ceremony.

" ...I thereby dub thee..."

Then there was sword fighting.

Which burned off some of the dinner, so there was room for dessert, which was apple crisp.
Another idea fo an activity at a Medieval Feast would be to have a Coronation like at Cultivated Lives.
Another Medieval Feast at Beyond.


  1. Wow! What a neat way to end a study! I bet the kids will remember this into adulthood! Awesome!


  2. I had to smile at everyone throwing the bones under the table. We have a hunting dog whose ancesters would be just the kind of hound gnawing on the bones under the table. I think she would still like us to do it.

    What a great way to bring history alive.

  3. I always forget potatoes are a New World food.

    Super impressed you used trenchers. Very cool.

  4. Wow! You guys went all out! It looks like you had loads of fun. We were married in Vegas and our pre-wedding dinner was at the Camelot. They did not provide any eating utensils at all! You had to eat everything with your hands. It was hilarious watching my husband's grandmothers eat with their hands and get into the jousting so much that one of them was screaming for "our knight" to do all sorts of violent things.

  5. Wow, your meal was so authentic. We focused more on sharing what we learned at our feast so I enjoyed seeing this! Love the tablecloths on the floor idea- genius :) We ate everything with our hands, too. I love the knighting ceremony, too. Great idea! Thanks for sharing your link on my blog- I'm glad I got to "see" your feast :)

  6. Looks like you guys had fun. PS- turkeys are a New World food too. It's funny that they are always served at medieval events now. :)


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