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Snowman Game

This is a fun game that my youngest boys played at a Valentine's Party.
It is a good party game because you will need a lot of people, but it can be used for any winter party.
To play, divide into equal teams. Have one be the snowman.

His job is to stay as still and straight as possible, while the other members of the team wrapping him in toilet paper...

...until you cannot see anything but a white toilet paper "snowman."

You will need to have cut-outs with tape on them prepared for the teams so that they can add the snowman's face.
Make sure you put the face on the back of the person's head so that people won't be poking his face.

Add the last touch of a hat.

Did your team build a snowman the fastest?

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  1. That is adorable! I can hear the giggles now!


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