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Haven: Day One

Last week we were sick and yet we continued on with our school work in the snatches of time we felt well enough. Now, we are facing a new week and are exhausted before we start, drained from endless coughs, sniffles and fevers. I didn't want to enter the week dreading balancing school work and  finding the energy to catch up on housework. I needed to turn things around. The first thing I decided was to take the week off from school so that it would be a thing we looked forward to when we were well enough to do it happily. The second decision rested with what I would do with the week. Once I saw this suggestion over at The Homespun Heart, I realized that what I needed was a change of attitude about the coming week. I needed not to focus on all that needed to be done that I perhaps wasn't feeling up to doing, but look at it as an opportunity to take care of myself and my family. To make my home a haven.
Monica's suggestions for day one included starting your day with God and focus on these thoughts throughout the day, take whatever breakfast you were already going to have and think of a way to make it special, and do something to bless your nest. These seemed like do-able goals and a good way to start the week with everyone under the weather.
I spent a few moments before getting up this morning and this commitment gave me some peace of mind as I asked for His help in all things today.
Breakfast at our house is an informal thing. Everyone wakes at different times and each has different amounts of time they need before they can function and not everyone (including myself) eats breakfast.
I didn't have to think of a way to make breakfast special because just making breakfast would be special. I wasn't sure how it would go, with appetites waning due to illness, but I was willing to give it a try. I had been meaning to try out this new recipe for German Apple Pancake, so this morning was the perfect time. Steven had to take James to his orthodontist appointment (a re-schedule already or we would have put it off because neither Steven nor James really felt like going) so they were getting ready to go while I began making breakfast. I wanted it to be done before they had to leave.

In a few minutes I had  the  apples simmering on the stove, giving off the most lovely fragrant steam.
Can't you just smell it?

Once it was baked, they all gathered to have a slice.

They all proclaimed that it was yummy...
and since this is what was left once breakfast was over, I believe they must have been telling the truth.
Off to a good start in making a haven.

I also set out a bowl of fruit to make things cheery and to also have readily available an appealing healthy snack.

Then I went to work on the kitchen, which was the spot that had had the most neglect while we were sick.
When we are all sick, it becomes survival mode and the kitchen shows the neglect the quickest in a large family.

Between kitchen tasks, I spent some time playing with Quentin since he was lonely without James to play with. He sorted his pirate booty.
I longed for a bouquet of flowers since, with all the snow, we haven't seen them in so long so Katie trimmed her Basil plant and put them in a vase for the kitchen table. It smells so fragrant and looks so spring-like with its shiny green leaves. It even has pretty little white flowers.
So now, as I am about to put on a big pot of Italian Wedding Soup, for soup always warms the soul and body, I am feeling much better about my week as we build our home back into a haven.

If you would like to work on making your home a haven this week, feel free to join us at


  1. Your apple pancake looks really good!!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful way to get well and focus on the positives! Love your attitude and your goal. Little things like wiping down a stove, fixing up some fruit or flowers for the table sure go a long way in cheering. And in making a home a haven.

    Will have to try your pancake! Looks scrumptious. Get well soon dear friends :)

  3. German apple pancakes sound delicious! I am sorry to read that you have all been under the weather! I imagine that's tough when you homeschool and have everyone under the same roof...when ill!

    BTW...my girlfriend homeschools her 9 (Houston area) and uses Charlotte Mason. They love it!

    Blessings to you,

  4. What a lovely day! Great job on making your home a haven today! The apple pancake does look like it was good and I can only imagine how yummy that smelled while cooking!
    Blessings on your nest,

  5. Very good reminder, and I have to ask if we get to have a copy of the recipe? I can almost smell it.

  6. Sure, Heather, just click on the name of the recipe and it is a link to the recipe on my Household Ways blog.

  7. Made the German Apple Pancake for breakfast today, and oh my! Major yum! The 6-year-old was suspicious and ate about half his piece ("that doesn't look like a pancake..and where's the syrup?) but the 8-year-old devoured 2 pieces. Thanks for the recipe!

  8. Linked this post day at my blog. Thanks for the inspiration!!


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