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Botticelli's The Madonna of the Magnificat {1480-81}

The Madonna of the Magnificat, c. 1480-81
We have seen several Madonna pictures, but this is the first that has been painted in the round.
Following the suggestions in Discovering Great Artists, I suggested to the boys that we could make art in the round, too. In advance I had cut out some paper in a round shape. This is a very different way to draw, as there is no standard set flat bottom edge to be the ground and no top edge to be the sky.
Why do you think Botticelli decided to paint in the round?
What does it add to the composition?
What would you like to draw or paint in the round?




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  1. What a great addition to a Botticelli study. Your home is always "good busy."

    I remember loving to draw on the round cardboard from our frozen pizza when I was a girl :)

  2. You must be so proud of them! They did such great artwork!! Love it!!!

  3. I love Botticelli! When we lived in Ohio we'd visit the Cleveland Museum of Art on occasion. "Virgin and Child with the Young John the Baptist" was one of my absolute favorites.

    Looks like you've had a lot of learning taking place at your house. Love the pirate study-- reminds me of when we made our own Jolly Roger's only ours didn't turn out quite as nice. :)

  4. I love the devil and melon lol such a great idea. thankyou for linking up at monkeys doodles

  5. I love looking at well known themes in a new way!
    Great ideas here.
    The little devil make me smile :)

  6. Fun! It's a very fine thing to view through different perspectives! Opens things right up. :)


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