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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Walking In The Snow At Night

Last night snow began to fall.

My husband and I decided to take a walk in it...
even though it was about 11:30 or so at night.
Our older children decided to join us.
No one else was about. There was just us.

It was so peaceful and quiet.

It almost felt like being in a snow globe.

We were only out for a few minutes but...
it is a memory we will hold forever.


  1. Wow that's so pretty.

  2. There is something about being out in the snow that makes sound and time seem so different. Just a lovely post...thanks for sharing your link.

  3. I love being out in the snow at night. Nothing is more perturbing than to be out really early in the morning (before sane people) and shoveling the driveway only to have someone shatter the silence with a snowblower.

  4. Ok, I am coming to visit.

  5. Hi! Visiting from Sherry's blog! These photos are great. I love the tree in front of the house it looks beautiful!

  6. What an awesome idea! I love your photos...they really speak to how peaceful and gorgeous it really was on your walk! We must try this sometime!!

  7. So beautiful!! I love that you headed out at 11:30 for a walk.
    I want snow. Really. Really, really.

  8. Makes me want to start singing "Walking In A Winter Wonderland".

  9. This is so lovely. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I have never had a nighttime walk in the snow! I just put it on my mental to-do list. ;) I love how you described it as being in a snow-globe. Thanks for joining Nature Connections; I hope you'll do it again next month.

  11. Really beautiful and magical. Being out there when it was so quiet must have been very special.

  12. These photos are amazing!!

  13. Anonymous2.2.11

    What a beautiful walk. We took a couple of night walks this past summer and fall, but haven't done it this winter yet. You've inspired me!


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