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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

A Treehouse for Robin Hood

Quentin received as a Christmas present a whole set of Robin Hood and his Merry Men. He loves them, but he longed for a treehouse for them. I had seen lots of popsicle sticks houses for girls,(at One Crafty Mumma, Almost Unschoolers, A Little Hut  to name a few) but as I have said before, I do not possess crafting talent. I was afraid to attempt it. We searched for doll houses to use, but they all either looked to girlish or were too expensive. I finally caved in to his wishes and armed with a ton of popsicle sticks, I began my adventure to make a treehouse for Robin Hood.
I had to scale it to Robin Hood, so it had to be quite a bit larger than the ones I have been seeing. Instead of one row of sticks, it had to be two rows high. Did I mention that I am not a crafty momma?
I did notice that all of the popsicle houses had a loft, and I did find out that they do add a bit to the stability of the house, so I added one in my plan. I also noticed that One Crafty Mumma's house had the sticks going up the sides forming a type of baseboard. I found that this was also gave it a stabalizing effect.
So many, many pieces and several hot glue gun burns later, I had all my pieces. It was time to put them all together and hope for the best.
I had originally planned for the house to have a roof that could come off, but it was not stable enough that way, as large as it was, so I glued the roof on, but left a large doorway.
No, it will not win awards in the beauty department, but my lack of skill did kind of make it look more rustic, like a boy's Robin Hood treehouse should. At least that is what we are telling ourselves.

I also left an opening in the back as sort of a window as it was rather dark inside without it. Quentin said that it was a good place for Robin to shoot his arrows.
It was now time for the Merry Men to occupy their house.

My plan is to find a sturdy branch with several limbs, mount it on a platform and glue the treehouse in the limbs. But that is for another day.


  1. I think it turned out great!!

  2. Who says that you don't have crafting talent! I think it looks perfect and I bet Quentin is having so much fun!

  3. I love it! It's just terrific.

  4. Wow! Great Job! It turned out fantastic, Robin Hood will enjoy it : )

  5. Wow! Good job You-Are-A-Crafty-Mama :)

  6. Well, for not having a crafty bone in your body, I'd say this is an EXTREMELY "crafty" accomplishment! It is AWESOME!!!

  7. That is awesome, and my boys would love to get a Robin Hood set too. Right now they're upstairs playing with their knight archers.

  8. WOW!That is neat.Lots of work.

  9. Anonymous13.1.11

    Can I just say...Wow! and Wow! again. You sure have high standards about what a crafty momma should be, I don't know that I'd ever be brave enough to attempt to build something like that using craft sticks :-)

  10. What do you mean you are not crafty!

    You are brilliant!

  11. Bravo! That looks fabulous - and nice to see you on one of your photos :)

  12. Awesome! You are one great mum!


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