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Another Polymer: guest posting over at What Do We Do All Day?

We have been having fun with polymers, or long chains of molecules that link together to make slimy or rubbery things...just the kind of thing boys like. Here is a simple experiment using things you probably have around the house that will engage your young boys. They love making something they can play with.
Pop on over to What Do We Do All Day? to see the how-to's...

What Do We Do All Day?


  1. Thanks I'm going to go check it out.
    I saw the comment you left over at Child in Harmony about her book giveaway I don't have the the Nature Journal but it's going on my wish list sounds great for a homeschooling family :)

  2. Very cool Phyllis. I haven't seen this recipe yet. We'll have to try it too. Little J loved our project, but he really wanted to make a bouncy ball. Thanks!


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