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Blog Award from Early Childhood Education...

Ewa (Eve) from Early Education - Antek and Kuba Exploring the World gave me this award, which was quite a pleasant surprise as I had not seen her blog before. When I popped over there I found a wonderful blog full of a variety of activities for young children. I particularly liked the little videos she has of her son completing the projects she has described. He is a bright little boy! I also appreciate her thoughts on education, such as exposing even the youngest children to beautiful works of art.

Now, to the rules for acceptance...
Thank and link back to the person who Awarded you this award.

Share 7 things about yourself.
Award recently discovered great bloggers.
Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

It is a bit difficult to come up with anything new to tell you all about me! Honestly, there isn't that much more of interest you don't already know. How about a list of things I would like to do sometime? Watch a meteor shower ( I have seen one before, but I would like to see another one), Make a stained glass window, See the Mona Lisa in France, Hold a lamb, Ride in a gondola in Venice, Buy a stranger a meal at a restaurant, See the Sistine Chapel in person, weave a blanket on a loom, Visit the Great Wall of China, Serve at a soup kitchen, Pet a dolphin, Fly in a helicopter, See the Changing of the Guards in London, Walk in Jerusalem, Swim in the Great Salt Lake...how about you? What would you like to do?
Now to pass on the award...(some of these are new, some are not so much)
Waters & Woods
Reasons for Chocolate
Giggles and Crayons
The Usual Mayhem
The Family Bed
Aussie Pumpkin Patch
Woodland Road
Barefoot Voyage
Bookhour Craft Projects
Chaz and Ginger
Lilly and the Brothers

Hope you have fun checking out these blogs! Have a special day!


  1. I always love checking out new blogs!

  2. Thank you so much for including my blog on the list! That was nice of you to think of me.

    Those are some wonderful things that you would like to do one day. I think I might make a list like that :)

  3. Just to make things clear :-) The title of my blog translated into English is : Early Education - Antek and Kuba (which is the name of my second son not the name of the island) exploring the world. I know that google translator causes many misunderstandings. Kisses Ewa

  4. I knew that the title was about both of your children (and not the island) but I wasn't sure what the exact title was. I just copied the google translation. Thanks for correcting me!! Please keep dropping by, Ewa!

  5. Thank you so much for this. Very kind of you to even consider me. I recognized some of those neat sites from our "this moment" weekly addition. Thanks for sharing all the other sites...it is always nice to find yet another good one!

  6. Thank you for the acknowledgment; that is very generous. I also like your list. It's all about experience, and I love that.

  7. You are a sweetie, Phyllis! I thought I'd probably won for 'inconsistency in posting' or something of the like.

    I do hope to be able to collect this one since it's from you. Will do my best.

    Oh, how I loved your list of things you would like to do. I haven't dreamed those dreams in a bit so you've given me something to consider.

  8. Phyllis, thanks so much for this! Never had an award before - I'm thrilled to pieces. :)


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