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Sand Molds Are Not Just For The Summer

The boys' Godmother gave them a set of Fourth of July sandmolds this past summer.
The boys filled them with wet sand and water this past week...

and left them out to freeze. They popped them out this morning.
Aren't they awesome?


  1. that looks fun! We might have to try that sometime.

  2. What happened when the ice melted? Did the sand keep the shape, or return to a blob of wet sand?

  3. What a "cool" idea! My teenager is on his way out now to give it a try. It started snowing about an hour ago.

    We have a heart-shaped bucket for the girls' pony and discovered someone had left an inch of water in the bottom, which froze into a very nifty heart that looks like glass. Unfortunately, there was some dog food in the bottom, too, so kinda gross. I just had the kids clean the bucket, refill it, and set it out today to freeze a clean heart. Isn't homeschooling fun?

    Merry Christmas.



  4. Leah, I don't know because they took them back outside so they wouldn't melt.

  5. Anonymous12.1.11

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