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Lemon Pomanders

A great Advent activity to do is to make pomanders. We have made them out of oranges before.
Have you ever made them out of lemons?
We found that if you make the whole first with a skewer, it makes putting the cloves in much easier. Last year we used toothpicks, but we found skewers worked even better.
Once you have pierced the fruit with the skewer, move it around in a circular movement to widen the hole a little.
and then push a whole clove in.
Keep going in this manner.
You can cover the whole fruit with cloves, but that is not necessary. Just make a few rows.
Use the area that doesn't have the cloves to thread the ribbon to tie on so you can hang it on your Christmas tree.

Beth has a great tutorial at Acorn Pies on how to do a Pomander with a Clementine, a square of cloth and various spices. It sounds like a wonderful sachet.


  1. We've often made orange pomanders too but never lemon - what a brilliant idea...

  2. Mmmm, I bet they smell great. My son's garden club just made them with oranges and they are wonderful. I'll have to get some lemons to add to the bowl.

  3. Hmmm....... maybe using a small lime might work with my kids who are finally getting close to old enough.

  4. I've made the orange version. We leave them in a sealed tub of spices for a month. I've not thought of using lemons. Off to experiment... Thanks Katie for the inspiration.

  5. Looks great and good smell :)


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