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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Making Presents

There is a lot of present making going on around the house...

Some of my boys' Christmas gifts are made from little kits from Tandy or Oriental Traders, but others are made by the materials around the house or those that are easily obtainable..

Walnut Beeswax Candles

God's eyes ornaments

treasure pouches

faux stained glass

This is an easy present for the little ones to make with just a little help from someone older.
You need only a plain colored Christmas ball, white paint and colored permanent markers or colored paint. Have your child hold his hand out with the fingers spread a little and paint your child's hand with white paint and then have him gently grasp the ornament just firm enough to transfer the paint from his hand to the ornament. Place it paint side up in the box the ornaments came in until the paint dries. Onces dried, someone older can add the snowman's details.

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  1. I am SO doing that snowman ornament next year!


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