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For The Birds

We made some Christmas gifts for our feathered friends. We usually make them using peanut butter and birdseed, but this year we decided to try something different. We made a large wreath for the backyard tree...
and several small ones for both the front and backyards.
If you would like to make some too, you will need some birdseed, Knox Original Unflavored Gelatin, a Mold (soap molds are especially nice, but for these small ones we used a muffin tin, for the large wreath we used a bundt pan), ribbon and for the small ones you will need a drinking straw.
A step-by-step tutorial can be found at Under The Table and Dreaming.
Start by mixing two envelopes of Knox Gelatin (approximately 4 tablespoons) to 1 Cup of water. Simmer on low until the gelatin has completely dissolved.
Stir in 2 Cups of Birdseed until completely mixed.
Spray your mold with a coat of baking spray and scoop in birdseed mixture pressing lightly to pack down.
For the small molds, cut a drinking straw in small pieces and insert into the top of each mold making sure the straw goes completely through. Leave the straw in and chill for two hours in the fridge.
To remove, turn the mold upside down and apply a little pressure until the treat is released. Gently rotate the straw until you are able to pull it completely through.
Attach some ribbon and hang.

Another variation made with suet can be found at HodgePodge My Backyard.
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  1. Very cool. We are making ornaments for the birds and squirrels over the next few days. I like your method.

  2. Your wreaths are beautiful! What fun. Looks like a beautiful day up your way for decorating outdoors.

    We gave our little heart-shaped wreaths to aunts and uncles today at a family Christmas gathering. So lots of birds all over will enjoy them. And my grandmother was thrilled with her big wreath. I just love that it's so easy to make with the gelatin, water and bird seed. We just might have to decorate the trees year round. Thanks for the link to My Backyard :)

  3. Those are really neat,we will have to try to make them!


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