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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Halloween Necklaces

Quentin has been dying to make something Halloweenish, so I consented to getting out a candy Halloween necklace kit. Alex hovered as opened the box and slit the clear plastic pouch for Quentin, so instead of handing it to Quentin's eager hands, I poured them into an empty paper plate at Alex's spot at the table. Alex immediately sat down and got to work, stringing the little candy beads. Quentin did not say a word.

Even though he is the somewhat-spoiled, always-wanting-to-be-first youngest child, Quentin somehow instinctively knows these moments of importance for Alex. He quietly waited for me to open another pouch for him. Soon I had a pouch open for James as well and the three were sitting around the table, together and yet separate in their quiet concentration.

As always, I am snapping photographs, appreciating every moment. Quentin, because he isn't taking his eyes off his task doesn't realize that I am sometimes taking photos of him and sometimes photos of Alex, suddenly admonishes me that I should take some pictures of Alex. I told him that I was and he says, "Oh," in a somewhat relieved tone.

I am not sure whether he is so concerned because of some sense of fairness, or whether he wants me to capture these moments when Alex is with the group, quietly doing what the rest are doing, not needing any assistance. We all are a bit amazed that he is so absorbed in the activity.

I am not sure I would have thought to ask Alex to join us had he not been hovering, and yet, had I not noticed his hovering, these moments may not have happened.
He hands the necklace over to Steven to tie. Wordless request.

The necklace is too small to go over his head as they are not made for sixteen-year-olds, so he slips it on his wrist. He is all big smiles. He is very happy.
Smiles vanish quickly as the camera is raised. The distant, cool look comes out instead. He almost now looks like the teenager that he is, too cool for candy necklaces, but tolerating the photo to please mother.


  1. Phyllis - this is a beautiful post.

  2. What a beautiful story. I love moments like these, and agree they are to be cherished.

  3. Oh, you are raising two lovely young men! This story brought tears to my eyes...

  4. Anonymous25.10.10

    A tender moment, wonderfully captured in writing.

  5. What a beautiful post...

  6. Thank you everyone. It is hard to capture the essence of life with an autistic child, but sometimes inspiration hits me. I am glad you all enjoyed this slice of our life.

  7. such a beautiful post Phyllis, it is very moving.

  8. You'll be glad you wrote it down. Its so easy to let a moment like this pass and it is lost among all the others. Lovely post.

  9. these small little moments - peace, contentment, reflection - are a real gift. So glad you shared them with us!

  10. Anonymous28.10.10

    I love memories like this!

  11. Anonymous28.10.10

    This is a heart warming post. I do not know your story and yet I felt love in every word, between brothers, from a parent's perspective and as a family unit as a whole.
    And such a great aunt to know what will appeal to all!
    Great job on the spooky jewelry.


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