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Tag! You're It!

I have been tagged again; this time by Joelle at Homeschooling for His Glory. If you don't know what I am talking about, then just scroll down and you can see my first tagging, in which I explain it.
Okay...on to the questions...

1. What is the one thing you find the most difficult about homeschooling?

Resisting the urge to compare my children with what he is "supposed" to be doing at his grade/age. And also keeping up with all the little pieces I want to include in our education plan.

2. What is the one thing in your children (or one of your children) that you have the hardest time to deal with or manage?
Sometimes my boys say that they don't want to do something just as a reflex and not because they have thought about it and don't want to do it.

3. What is the most amazing place you have ever visited?
I have not traveled much (not out of the country.) I think the most amazing place for me was New Orleans. I could not believe how they have bars that have whole walls that open up into the street. They have cockroaches inches long that just walk along the sidewalks. The pralines hot off a vending cart outside of a lady's own home were so incredibly good. It was so hot and humid  you just could not leave the hotel at noontime. The streets were empty. I also could not believe all the voodoo that is so openly there.

4. What do you like to do when you are alone?
Read. Blog.

5. How many days of the week (on average) does your scheduling get followed?
What schedule? Do I have to have one? Seriously, I have something in me that just resists schedules. Blogging, with the weekly links, keeps me on the most strict of a schedule I have ever been on.

6. Are you the kind that lets the folded laundry sit awhile before putting away, or it gets put away right away?
I get hung up at the folding stage.

7. Do you plan the Christmas season out?
We make a list as a family of the things we want to do for the Christmas season and I try to figure out how to schedule them all in. That is about all the planning we do. Guess we are not much on planning.

And in terms of passing it on, I am going to cheat and use Joelle's questions and tell all my readers that they can answer whatever questions they want to and consider themselves tagged, if they wish, and able to pass it on, if they like.

I have been tagged. There's a game of tag going around the blogosphere. Someone tags you with 8 questions to answer. You answer them, and then tag some other blogger buddies with your own set of questions. I was just tagged by Leah from Almost Unschoolers.
She asked:

1. What is your favorite children's book of all time?Watership Down. It is my favorite book of all time, children's or otherwise. If you knew how much I love and identify with rabbits, it wouldn't surprise you one bit. I should show you my rabbit collection some time.

2. What is it that you like most about where you live?Well... since I have my house up for sale in hopes of moving to Tennessee, this is a harder question than one would think. All of my life I have live around the Chesapeake Bay. My father was a waterman so I experienced all aspects of it as a child. I have lived two blocks from a beach for about ten years. It is the thing I will miss the most when we move.

3. What is it that you like least about where you live?
The people are not very friendly or respectful here. Also, we live in an area that is far from any stores and yet doesn't have much space.

4. Do you have any special fall traditions?We love the start of warm spiced cider and hot cocoa. We like nature walks to look at the changing leaves and Halloween is a big favorite at our house. There are no specific traditions, just things we look forward to doing.

5. What is your favorite holiday, and why?
Christmas. Isn't it everyone's?

6. Do you still eat sugary kid's breakfast cereals? Do you have a favorite?
I grew up with very little sugar in the house other than desserts. I did not have sugary cereals until I was adult. I remember the first time I had Captain Crunch in college. I could not believe how sweet it was! To this day, I can't take sweet cereals and the like.

7. If you could pick any age to stay at (teens, 20's, 30's, 100's), which age would it be?
I think I would stay 28. Young enough to still have my health and even some energy.

8. What do you enjoy most, and least about blogging?
I like the community of people of like mind -that have the same values and interests. I don't think that there is anything about blogging I dislike, although my husband would most certainly say the time I spend on it.

And, I tag the following people
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with these questions:
1. What is your ideal way to spend an afternoon?
2. What was your favorite subject when you went to school?
3. What is your favorite subject to teach now?
4. What was your best received gift?
5. What's your favorite food to cook?
6. If you could live during any time in history, when would it be?
7. Who would you most like to meet (living or dead)?
8. What is your favorite type of restaurant (French, Italian, Indian...)?


  1. I'm so glad you answered - it's been a lot of fun to read everyones questions, and answers!

  2. When I was younger I lived right where the Potomac River meets the Chesapeake Bay....I loved it there and would love to take my boys up there. But I've lived in Tennessee for most of my life, and love it here too.

  3. fun to read you :)

    oh and sugary cereal? I wholeheartedly agree. Captain Crunch is the most amazing almost sickeningly sweet stuff ever.

    amy in peru

  4. I love to teach history and science. No big surprise there.

    Watership Down is another one of the books I've read a LOT.

  5. Hi Phyllis,

    Loved your answers....since you tagged me I will answer next week on Harmony Art Mom.


  6. I posted my reply:


  7. Thanks Phillis. I enjoyed reading your answers.

  8. This was fun to read! I've been known to let the folded laundry sit out for a long time before putting it away too. And I loved your response to the question about schedules. We try to keep things pretty open around here. I think it leads to more learning opportunities that might otherwise go missed.


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