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Other Fun Things To Do

Now that Camp Bergenholtz for this year has come to an end, as always there are things that we never got around to doing. We might put them on next year's list, or we might get to them on some rainy day, but maybe you might want to do them before we get there...
You can click on either the name of the project or the picture.

We actually did these first two things, but I didn't get pictures of them, so I can't post them myself.These homemade Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches at Such Pretty Things are so versitile. They can be made to be any color combinations or rolled in all sorts of pretty and delicious things. We even made a set with gfcf cookies and gfcf ice cream and they worked really well.

These cupcakes in a jar at Cakies are great for portability. We carried them in the car to the campground and they worked beautifully.

Make your own snowcone syrup at Skip To My Lou
Twig Easel at 5 Orange Potatoes

Watercolors in the Rain is great for a unexpected rainy day at Pumpkin Patch

Treasure Stones at Sew Can Do
Sun Weaving at Love in the Suburbs

Rolled Newspaper Swords and Bandanna Pirate Skirts at Filth Wizardry

Homemade Puffy Paint at The Artful Parent

Metamorphosis Observatory out of a cardboard box at Fun in the Making

Lavender Wands at Time to Craft

Make Your Own (Mix & Match) Backyard Obstacle Course at Simple Kids

Hummingbird Feeder at The Magic Onions

Little Happy Girls from ArtMind

Leaf Necklace from Frugal Family Fun

Leaf Cast at The Creamer Chronicles

Summer Necklace made from melon seeds, shells and beads at Growing Up Creative
A Shrimp Boil at Skip to My Lou

We played Frisbee Golf at the Park,
but you could make one at home with the free printables at
My Computer is My Canvas

Maya Made calls this a Harmonica, although it looks more like a Kazoo

Crayon Painted Rocks from Almost Unschoolers

A Carnival from It's a Boy's Life

Balancing Butterflies from Ideas4Kids

Dice Walk from Family Fun with perhaps...
a Scavenger Hunt printable from Fowl Single File

Miniature Food made from Bread Dough Clay at Unplug Your Kids

And a Story Stick to record all the Adventures at Butterfly Jungle

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  1. Wow! Wow! Wow! I love the top photo. You all look relaxed and happy after your camp time. I have so enjoyed all your camp posts and you are so sweet to share all these wonderful things you did - plus gathered info to do. My girls would love the miniatures project.


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