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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales
painting by Katie Bergenholtz

Summer Fun #33:Firefly Lanterns & Firefly Games

Remember the Bubble Painting we did? I told you that I had another craft in mind that would use the painted paper. The craft that I had in mind was firefly lanterns.

You could have your kids just paint the tissue paper instead. You will want to achieve the multi-layered effect so you will want to use several colors on their brush. Once the tissue paper is dry, cut it into shapes to make a firefly or anything else you can imagine. Coat the front of the glass jar with mod podge and apply the tissue paper shapes.

Add another coat of glue on top to seal it. Let dry.
Light a candle and watch your fireflies glow. Be careful as the glass is hot.
With the glow of the lanterns in the background, you could hand out flashlights and play these firefly games.
Once it's dark, give a chosen player (the firefly) a flashlight and have her head away from the group with the light off, silently counting to 60 as she goes.
When the firefly reaches 60, she must flash the light once.
The rest of the players then count to 100 before setting out in pursuit of the firefly, who tries to avoid capture by hiding and changing directions.
But here's the catch: she must continuously count to 60, flashing the light each time she reaches the end of her count.
The first person to tag the firefly takes her place for the next round.

As they play, this game they'll learn how fireflies communicate by sending signals of blinking light to attract mates. To begin, players should pair off and create a flashlight signal (one short and one long flash, three short flashes and so on). Partners must then separate and go to opposite ends of a large, open playing area (a park is ideal). Players are given one minute to scatter before they may begin flashing signals. Each pair tries to reunite as quickly as possible by sending flashlight signals to partners. The first pair to reunite is the winner. And then, once inside, you can read them this book as a bedtime story.

This idea came from Family Fun and A Magical Childhood.
The lantern idea came originally from The Long Thread
The ideas for the games came from Family Fun and A Magical Childhood..


  1. I can't wait to try this with fall colored tissue paper. It will create such a magical and warm mood on cold fall evenings or for a special bedtime story. I might even do it around the winter holidays in place of luminarias. Thanks for the visit and comment

  2. I love cosy autumn evenings and these lanterns will make the house so beautiful. Your children look like they really enjoyed making them - great pictures. Thanks for linking up with the Play Academy again.


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