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Summer Fun #22: Water Fun Games

These water games come from WhiMSy love and are meant for large groups of people, but we modified them and played them with just the members of our family.
Ziploc Bag Water Sprayer: Just to get everyone wet to start off, fill a Ziploc bag (quart size) with water. Poke a little hole with a skewer and see how many times you can pass it around before all the water is gone. Poke an additional hole each time it passes around the circle. If you have a large group, get into 2 big circles and the team with the most rotations wins!
Ziploc Bag Hot Potato: Now that everyone is wet you can get a new Ziploc bag and fill it with water and pass it around a circle, just like you would in a water balloon tossing game. It eventually breaks it's seal and pops open. They can also be used to replace water balloons.

Now for the relay races. Wash the Shaving Cream Away: Divide into two teams. A member from each team has shaving cream squirted on his back. This game is supposed to be played with squirt guns and the other team member squirts the shaving cream off their team mate's back with a squirt gun. Who ever finishes first is the winner! For larger groups, you can put shaving cream on every team member's back and they all are given squirt gun. Which team will get the shaving cream off all the team first? When it came time for our family to play this game, however, no squirt guns could be found, so we used water bottles. It didn't work as well, but they had fun anyway.

Water Bottle Relay: Get into two teams. One person from each team has to lie down on their back and hold an empty water bottle on their forehead. The other team members are behind a bucket full of water and a small cup. On "Go!" a team member with the water scoops up water in the cup and carries it to where their teammate is lying on the ground, and dump the water into the bottle. It's a relay, so you run back to the rest of your team and pass the cup and repeat until the bottle is filled to the brim. The first team to fill their bottle wins!

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  1. If only we had hot weather left in our forecast!

  2. I've played the water bottle relay before, it's one of the games we play at our VBS, but the hot potato one looks very cool.

    So does the shaving cream relay.


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