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Summer Fun #13: Craft Tutorial: Windsock

I saw this windsock idea last 4th of July at Under the Table and Dreaming, and thought this would be a great activity for my boys.
We used an empty French Fried Onion Rings can instead of a coffee can because it is made of plastic-coated cardboard, which is lighter. We punched four holes into the sides, evenly spaced, around the bottom of the can. They spray painted it, and after it dried, we inserted string into the holes and tied them to serve as the hanger for the windsock. The boys then cut pieces of colored cloth ribbon for me to glue-gun on the inside of the can.
The outside of the can could also be decorated, but we left ours plain red.
It only took a few minutes to make.


  1. Oh I could totally see this for wind chimes also

  2. Cute! We made a wind sock last year out of a used milk jug. It turned out pretty good, it's still hanging in the back yard :)


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