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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Snapshot Summary July 5-9 {week 41}

Monday: Steven had a day off this day (since the 4th was on a Sunday) and since it was 97 degrees, Steven took the boys down to the beach, (minus Alex who has been sick with a stomach virus) and they got snowcones there. Quentin brought back some natural treasures from the beach and made a still life. We made "stained glass" votives.
After dark we lit the rest of the sparklers and used up the last of the Pop-ems, and Alex felt well enough to join them this time.

Tuesday:Katie helped the boys make a Saxon fort sandcastle, and we read and completed maps about Anglo-Saxon England. Katie and I made crepe Black-eyed Susans. We received a postcard from Belgium. For dinner we had fried chicken both in honor of Fried Chicken day, but also part of our State of Maryland dinner. We are going to be doing dinners for all of the places from which we are receiving postcards.

Wednesday: Quentin helped me make a scrapbook page for our home state. I thought that we should start from where we are now, before going on to the places our postcards are coming from. I read to the boys the first chapters in their chemistry books about atoms. I made playdough, and the boys made models of atoms. We received a postcard from Germany, but it had gotten wet somewhere along its trip here and the only thing that wasn't obliterated was our address, so we were unable to read the message or its ID number. We made Strawberry Sundae's for National Strawberry Sundae Day.Thursday: We didn't go to the park today because it was too hot and as it turns out Alex's illness has spread to the other boys. Quentin found a large red and black striped furry ant. We received a postcard from Thailand.

Friday: Today is bread baking day, so I used that as a way of teaching James about fractions. We used only a half-cup measuring cup and a half-teaspoon and he had to figure out how to convert all the measurements we needed in the recipe to fit the half-cup and a half-teaspoon. Katie gathered flowers for Friday's Flowers and mailed some postcards. They played games and built things.

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