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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Snapshot Summary July 26-31, {week 44}

Snapshot Summary July 26-31

MONDAY: I asked James to cut a block from a piece of graph paper and then show me at least three ways you could express that block in mathematical terms. We added the "Will an Egg Float?" experiment to their Salt Lapbooks. A brief thunderstorm left a beautiful sunset.

TUESDAY: We studied a painting by Giotto for our picture study called Flight Into Egypt. We went to the beach and had Italian Ice and Ice Cream Cones from the Ice Cream truck. Then back home for an Australian dinner. Steven even found a type of Vegemite. Shrimp from the barbie. Beer-battered fish... and chips. A bloomin' onion... and last, but not least, Lamingtons.

WEDNESDAY: We worked on our postcard/geography album, adding Australia. We studied the Feudal System, and Kings and Peasants in particular and we played a chess game with only the pawns and the kings.

THURSDAY: They went to the park to play with friends. Sorry no pictures, but you can go here to see a past park play day. While they were gone, I made a gallon or so of laundry detergent.
Then put on a load of laundry; all towels and kitchen whites. I love to do those because they are so much fun to fold into a nice neat fragrant pile. As I fold them, I think of how they might be used. For the bath; Quentin is still small enough to be a nice warm soap-smelling bundle wrapped in a towel after a long bath. A bath of playing imaginary games with plastic men and plastic boats. Or, perhaps to dry the drops dripping from wet boys after a long play at the beach. They splash each other and then dive under like porpoises. Or, wet, too, from the pool. The pool that has given Steven so much trouble to maintain and the boys so much pleasure. They are surely water-babies, leaping from one water area to the next. Yes, a load of fresh towels to fold evokes so many memories and the holds the promise of so many more to be made tomorrow. Baked a buttered pecan cake for Alex's birthday party. Katie baked a gfcf cake for his party, too. In fact, it is the birthday cake since that will be the one he will eat. She asked him, "chocolate or vanilla?" and of course he said "Chocolate!" He uttered sounds of pure joy, as only those deprived of language can. He was happy because he knew that something bright and beautiful would happen for him very soon. And he was right.  In the mail was a postcard from Malaysia. For dinner I made a cream of mushroom soup. Katie grilled steaks and mushrooms. In preparation for the party, Steven cut the grass in the backyard, parts of which had been left to get tall. Once cut, the grasshoppers went wild and then, so did the boys who delighted in catching them and putting them in a beach sand pail. They were out there until after nightfall, popping inside only to get a flashlight. They then became lovely flashes of light in the summer night.

FRIDAY: Preparations for Alex's party began early with us blowing up balloons, putting up Alex's trampoline and decorating cakes. While the balloons were hung, the boys found an unusual caterpillar, and played imaginary games outside. We also played with my molecules set and Katie tended her garden. We had a seven-layer dip for lunch and then the trampoline was ready, so the party began! Trampoline jumping, candles blown out, cake eaten.


  1. great pictures...your family is beautiful and inspiring:)

  2. Sounds like a busy week! I love the beach picture.

  3. I absolutely love every one of your photos above! They capture your week so wonderfully. Sounds like it led up to the birthday celebration very well. I am starting to make laundry detergent too - I think the children will enjoy it as project? Again, I think it is great how you roll the geography in with your meals. Y'all have such fun! (And to answer your comment - we are easing back into regular school now so we can take December off :)

    I love your snapshot summaries. I may have to investigate and follow your lead.

  4. Wonderful pictures - my children would love the trampoline - and I love the sunset! Looks like a good beginning to a birthday :)

    Oh, and I got the chess book, and am looking forward to working through it with the younger kids, I think we will try the pawns and kings game, too.


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