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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

The Water Calls Us...

and if we listen...

and go down to the water's edge. We can't help but go in. Even if we don't intend to.

Ours is not a white sand beach.In fact, it is quite pebbly. But we love it.
and it calls to us.

It calls us to make pretend ships from driftwood.

.. to find treasures...

to splash...

to swim...

to wade... to dream.

As the sun begins to set, we take our treasures... and head home... where watermelon awaits us.

Is there a place that calls to you?
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  1. I love all things beach, white sand or not! Great pics and what an incredibly tim ewith your family. Blessings!:)

  2. Not a week goes by that we don't take a beach adventure. It's a favorite spot, and we are so lucky to have easy access to tidepools and sand.

  3. Anonymous15.6.10

    Hi, I've just had some time to go read more on your blog, and I just wanted to say that you are doing some really amazing stuff.

    As a homeschooling parent, it would seem like one needs to be almost an expert in everything. Which seems really kinda daunting at the moment to me! How do you start out, and how do you manage the expectations around shouldering the sole responsibility for your children's education?


  4. What a beautiful post! I am starting to gather that you live at the seashore? The beach is one of my most favorite spots. Whether it be the white sand of the gulf, the treasures of the Atlantic or the rocky beaches of Oregon. I love this! What fun! I can just see the joy in your pictures.

  5. Yes, Tricia, we live a block from this beach (on the Chesapeake Bay.) We also live a couple of hours from the Atlantic Ocean. (Those are the pictures with the white sand.) We go to our beach about every other day during the summer. Some weeks it is every day. It is home to us!


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