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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Snapshot Summary; May 31-June 5 {week 36}

Monday: Memorial Day Holiday. The boys were outdoors all day, either in the pool or the beach. (Spoiled, aren't they?) The temperatures were pretty high all week, so there was a lot of pool time. Katie made some Peanut Butter Cup Bars, an adaption of a Betty Crocker bar recipe, made gluten and casein free, for one thing, but also made with Katie's own touches. They are very good, and taste surprisingly like Reeses, however the texture is like crunchy cereal bars. As Katie and Alex haven't had Peanut Butter Cups in about 10 years or so, it was a real treat to them.

Tuesday: First day back to school from vacation was a little rough. Alex seems to have hit a wall in his language skills. I shouldn't be surprised since this is the same place that things fell apart years ago (prepositions) but he seemed to be doing so well with his Language Arts, I was hoping we could get through this barrier this time. We worked on our new history pages, and a snake nature study. I want to get some nature study done this summer as we didn't seem to be able to do much this winter. More pool time after lunch. Probably the most exciting thing that happened this week was that Katie finally decided to put her art work for sale in an Etsy shop. She took a million photos and set up her shop herself, without any help from me. I was very pleased with her initiative. And for those of you who are wondering why Katie's shop is called "Elizabeth's," her first name really is Elizabeth; Katie is short of Katheryn, her middle name.

Wednesday: We all began to come down with a coughing illness and although we got some table work done, we didn't do any of the fun school stuff. More pool for the boys in the afternoon. We feasted on lots of fresh veggies and fruit (along with some rare steak!)

Thursday: Still not feeling too well, although the boys did some table school work. Quentin is doing really well writing in his new history notebook and seems to love it. I love it's flexibility and CM friendliness because they give you ideas and suggestions for what to put in the notebook, but you can put in anything you want, which leaves plenty of room for copywork and narrations. Sam is plugging away at the Algebra and seems to be doing well. The boys always seem well enough to go into the pool. Katie even joined them this afternoon. I know our days really seem very much alike, don't they?

Friday: Sam completed his Greek Level II book and will be starting Level III next week! He ended it with an A plus average. He really seems to like Greek just as much as Katie did. On the down side, it looks like I am going to have to re-do all of my plans for Alex's schooling. After table work in the morning, James and I made beach crab collages. Quentin wanted to make one too, but never seemed to get around to it. Perhaps next week. Katie watched the boys while they were in the pool this afternoon.
Saturday: This was our catch-up day. Lots of errands, which takes us a long time in this area because everything is so far away. Steven's coughing illness seems to have settled in his bronchials, developing into bronchitis. Still, he took the three youngest and went about 45 minutes away to do grocery shopping and prescription pick-up. I sketched out a menu plan for the upcoming week to help him with the grocery shopping. He has had to do all the grocery shopping since I have to use one of those motorized wheelchairs to get through the store, but they don't hold enough groceries for our family. Well, I guess that is about our week...
And you know what else they did today, don't you?

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