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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Snapshot Summary: May 3-9 2010 {week 32}

May 3
James was sick today.
Katie put on a puppet show to cheer James and amuse Quentin.
Then she taught Quentin how to use them,
and he told many stories with them.
Some of them were narrations of Aesop fables.
Some were his own creations.

May 4
Quentin showed James the puppets the first thing this morning, and they played at this quite awhile.
Quentin wrote  out the word Kangaroo
Sam learning two new Latin words,
James worked on multiplication
We watched MacAulay's Roman City and then made Roman standards
and then they marched into imaginary battles
winning, among the spoils, a Celtic shield from the tribes.
All afternoon has been various battles just outside the Roman City.

May 5
We painted and added tissue paper to make a collage.
writing, V is for vulture
Looking at The Lord's Prayer in Old English and in Middle English,
learned 2 new Latin words, 1 new Greek
Added new postcards to our collection
Science experiment: How does weight affect the rate at which an object falls?
Katie began making a fort for the boys to play in.

May 6
Outside All Day
Katie helped her little brothers make a fort to play in.
She thinned the radishes and hoed the garden.
The boys went to the park to play with friends and climb trees.

May 7
Loved the rabbit
Made Chocolate Chip Cookies
Planted Zinnias
Science Experiments
Played games
Baked a cake.

May 8
Sam's Pepper Steppers Graduation
More photos at Bergblog

May 9
The boys had fun with the balloons left over from the dance.
James and Quentin brought me gifts of marigolds they potted themselves at Church.
Katie arranged for the boys to make me Turtles.
Most wonderful Satay  and fresh baked French bread for dinner.

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