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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Snapshot Summary, April 26-May 1 {week 31}

We began our study of the Roman Empire with maps (this one is Quentin's) and timelines. We also studied math (Sam had a quiz), and Greek, and other such things. There were some more postcards waiting for us in the mailbox. We looked at maps and found the places they came from. It was raining today so Katie showed the boys how to crack walnuts in half and make boats out of them. They sailed them outside in the puddles the rain was making, which delighted them for quite a while.Then we were off to the library, and then afterwards, since the rain had let up a stroll through the gardens.

After some time at the table completing reading, writing and arithmetic tasks as well as Latin.
We also learned how Roman roads were made by making a dessert, layer by layer, finishing by putting "Paving Stone" cookies on the whipped cream "Cement." Then the flowering trees caught Katie's attention, and she called the boys to teach them, how to string the flowers to make leis and crowns.
After a morning of reading, writing, math, Greek and Latin with the boys, and we made pictures of twisters with chalk pastels. In the afternoon, Katie helped the boys make scones. They are learning all sorts of math concepts while they have a good time. They were proud to have made the teatime snack, and we were happy to enjoy their efforts.
Our terrarium is coming along.

Katie started off the day making Shortbread Cookies with Quentin and James. Quentin adds M&M's, James adds sprinkles. While the cookies bake we tackle reading, writing, Greek, Physics, Latin and math. The boys work on a weaving paper collage project. I started a batch of  Honey-Oat Bread dough and homemade laundry soap. Katie showed Quentin the movement of the sun by Tracing shadows at 1:00 and then at 3:00 .
During teatime we read the story of Romulus and Remus and the founding of Rome.

After a breakfast of french toast made from the last of the homemade white bread which had gotten a little crusty, calisthenics before it got too hot. Then house cleaning and a May Day project. Katie helped them made cone-shaped baskets, and gather wild flowers to deliver to the doors on our street. Then off to town to get a cool treat on this very hot day.
A happy start to May.

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