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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Snapshot Summary, March 8-13 {week 25}

We crammed in the whole week's worth of work in the first three days this week so we could take a couple of days spring break. Katie made a matching rhyming sounds game for Quentin to play. We also completed handwriting, math, reading with all the boys and a Greek test for Sam (which he aced.)  We made Oobleck and had fun with the favorite Non-Newtonian fluid! Did you know that you can let it dry out and then reconstitute in again?  To go with the lunch pizza, we had a dessert pizza. I also made individual brownies in ramekins, topped with mini marshmallows, sugared pecans and chocolate chips. We enjoyed the sun and each other's company.

We experimented with using different things for motors in cardboard boats in the tub or experimenting with surface tension. We explored Greek theatre and made comedy and tragedy masks and played a game with them, which they thought was so fun. We added another page to our Aesop's fables book, the story about the dog, the bone and his reflection this time.
Katie had prepared an activity for Quentin -a letter sewing card. This one not only helps little ones with writing letters but also is a nice start to learning to sew. Meanwhile Sam worked on literature questions, in his Greek workbook, on Algebra and worked on a map of ancient China By the way, did you know that the Chinese do not call their country China. They call it “The Middle Kingdom,” which in Chinese is “Zhong Guo." Quentin worked on reading on the computer, completed a math worksheet and a handwriting worksheet with painting and made store bought ready-to-bake shamrock cookies that he and his Dad bought at the store. Neither of them can resist those cookies with shapes in them. Then he helped me make fresh blueberry muffins from scratch. He is getting pretty good at measuring things. James worked on reading on the computer, math problems and handwriting. Then the little boys made little paper baskets and decorated with foam stickers, while Sam worked on his own secret projects (something involving spies) and Katie ground spices as preparation for making  gfcf pumpkin mini muffins so that they too could have muffins while we have these blueberry ones. Alex worked on his language arts, science and math problems while the little boys played with foam letters, experimenting with letter combinations.

Spring Break
We usually don't take our first walk down to the beach until after Earth Day, when the debris that has washed up all winter is cleared away, however we decided to go to our beach to get our pick of the driftwood and the boys could and have a good run. The boys worked on a driftwood and debris fort  and had fun being barefoot outside.  Nothing like sand in your toes. Back at home to play some games like Blockus and make some Easter pretties from the craft kits.

spring break
The boys played on the computer and watched the School House Rock DVD. James finished painting his wooden egg. I made up two batches of dishwasher powder (we go through a lot). Steven and the boys went for a walk and it started to rain so by the time they got home, they were freezing. I made whole wheat molasses bread. We had one loaf with Butternut squash soup for dinner.

Coke won our taste test.

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