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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Snapshot Summary, February 15-21 {week 22}

We did some science experiments; one with density, with molecular motion. Then Steven got out the snap circuits, and all kinds of fun ensued.  We made laundry detergent -two big jugs of it. We cleaned coins for President's Day and talked about who was on each coin. We also talked about what the denominations were and played a shopping game.

Quentin spent the morning making snow blocks by packing it in a plastic shoebox and then dumping them out. He tried to stack them to make an igloo, but they wouldn't stack too high. We worked with money, addition, subtraction, multiplication and Sam began Algebra today. Copywork, handwriting and painting handwriting pages, Y is for Yarn, Explode the Code Online, Literary Lessons with Lord of the Rings. A king cake for Madi Gras. We played with magnetic color cubes. And we spent time reading, running, talking, pretending,YELLING too loud (usually the kids), building, laughing, getting in trouble. Pancake supper for Fat Tuesday. Square Dancing Lessons.

The local homeschool group had scheduled a St. Valentine's Day Party last Thursday, but we had a snow storm hit and it was postponed for this Thursday. So, while the rest of the world is finished with St. Valentine's Day, we are still in full swing, creating 20+ homemade Valentines each and making gingerbread cookies. The boys wanted to make them because Steven read them Jan Brett's Gingerbread Friends and they wanted to make gingerbread babies, so I used the gingerbread cookie recipe in the book. Jan Brett's illustrations inspired Katie and me to make gingerbread hearts. Our lunch was French Onion Soup in little ramekins. Sam fed the birds seeds. we worked on our study of China, making puppets to add to the collection.  The afternoon was filled with playing board games, reading books, wrestling and running in the house instead of outside, and other such things that boys do. Then dinner of turkey for the children and Ash Wednesday service then Chile Relleno Casserole for the adults.

Valentine's Day Party
Decorating bags.
Putting Valentines in each other's bags.
Playing Bingo (and Quentin won one of them.)
Relay Race Games.
Sorting and trading the loot!
Our morning's activities were delayed a bit this morning by my trip to the Physical Therapist's. When I got back they were finishing up a movie so I started mixing the dough for this Friday's Bread...Molasses Oatmeal this time. Then we did a really cool experiment involving chemical changes, and finished up our study of Ancient China. At the dining room table, we talked about the Great Wall of China and the 7,500 Terracotta men. Those who hadn't finished their puppets did so.  Meanwhile in the kitchen Katie was making GFCF gingerbread men. I transferred my bread dough to loaf pans for their second rise. When it was finished, we delivered one loaf to a neighbor. Katie helped Quentin make individual yam bakes with cinnamon and brown sugar and marshmallows.

The boys had some more fun with Snap Circuits and we explored abaci and had plenty of play.

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