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Felt Fortune Cookies for Chinese New Year

I have seen lots of felt fortune cookie instructions this year (felt food seems to be the rage) but they all seemed to complicated for my non-sewing skills. Then I found this one at Chasing Cheerios, which were no-sew. To make lasting and reusable felt fortune cookies, trace around a drinking glass to make the circles. Put glue on about an inch of one side of the felt, so that you have a half circle glued together at the top with both ends open. You could use a clothes pin to hold it until the glue dries, but I just stuck them under the edge of the bowl that holds fruit on my table. Once the glue was dry, I folded the half into a quarter, but this time I only put a drop of glue on the fold, so that the ends were free. I stuck them back under the bowl to dry. Meanwhile, I went online and found some Chinese characters. My daughter had fun putting two characters together to make short little fortunes like "Good Morning" or "Happy Home." Once the glue was dry, the fortunes were folded and inserted in one end of the felt cookie.
When the fortune cookies were given out, I provided them with an answer key so they could figure out what their fortunes said.

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