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Valentine Mice Finger Puppets: A Craft Tutorial

Steven read this book to the little boys last night, which was perfect timing because I had seen some cute mice finger puppets to make and I thought they would make a great first sewing project for them.
These mice start with a nice heart shape made from felt.
Fold the heart in half.
I used embroidery thread, but thin ribbon can also be used.

The heart needs to be sewn together from the pointed end almost to the end where the heart has a rounded part, leaving just enough room for a finger to go into the back.
You could, instead, stuff the mouse with fiberfill and then finish sewing it up all the way.
Either way, when you tie it off, leave some of the thread to act as a tail.Cut out two small hearts for the ears.

Fold these small hearts over and sew one through the mouse and into the other ear. Sew once again back through and tie off again, without leaving any extra thread this time. You can trim the ears to make them more rounded. Pin It
Next glue on some googly eyes.
Once the glue is dry, they are ready for play!


  1. Great tutorial! Love the book and craft tie in!

  2. Thanks so much for linking to this very cute project on craft-schooling Sunday! It would be a nice first sewing project for kids who are ready, and for moms just getting into crafting! Hope to see you again next week! all the best!

  3. How cute! What a great tie in for the book.

  4. What an awesome project! I love it! My kids would love to do something like this. Coming over to visit from Red Oak Lane.
    Many blessings,

  5. Anonymous8.2.12

    These are adorable!! thank you for linking up! I am pinning this on our pinterest boards!

  6. these are adorable- perfect for my boys!

  7. Adorable is the same word that I was going to use :) They really are! The boys did a great job with them!

  8. I must have accidentally closed this post without commenting, and shame on me.

    That is SOOOOOOO cute! I love their mice, and might try my kiddos with that. It's a quick results craft.

  9. That is super cute! :-) Pinning this for my daughter.


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