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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Snapshot Summary January 18-24 { Week 18}

We colored maps of the land of the Assyrians. Quentin drew a picture of the Assyrian war chariot after we read about them. We talked about sound waves and they sketched a wave pattern and labeled it. We then talked about Mars. They told me what they knew about Mars and we read about it and learned a few new facts and I told them that we will be taking an imaginary trip there to take samples of their polar ice caps on Friday. James told me about how explorers in the past sailed to find new territories. James and Steven got into a discussion of the difference between a statement and a command, and whether or not an answer is a statement. Katie helped Quentin make an "U is for Umbrella" project. They watched Star Wars for the first time. They all liked it, but their personalities can be seen in how they view the movie. Sam liked the different races and the role-playing flavor of the movie. James loved all the technology and how each of the different things were made. Quentin loved the weapons and warfare. Sam played the computer game Civilization and created a new Greek society. James made me the best wooden burger ever. We played many games.

19 & 20
Tuesday and Wednesday
We played with Quentin's water flutes, using the cards that came with it to play some songs such as Old MacDonald had a Farm. Then we went on to making sounds on a rim of a glass with some water. More about our explorations here.  The boys made puppets of the last Assyrian king, Ashurbanipal. They enjoyed playing with them once they were made. After they tired of playing with puppets, they built tall towers and made a lovely picnic (pretend.) They watched Zoom,  and from that they got the ideas for many games. They played an imitation game. One person is the leader and one follows. You face each other and hold hands and try to quickly imitate the leader's actions. The boys helped me make dinner -two pots of White Bean Chili, one with chicken chunks and one with mushrooms. They made Swedish Paper Hearts. They made "Energy Cookies," made from crushed graham crackers,  peanut butter and melted chocolate. Mix it together and oll in powder sugar. Which, of course, led to a teatime celebration...and so the gluten and casein-free kids needed a treat too, I quickly whipped up a treat for them - I took some Peeps leftover from Christmas and spread them with peanut butter and sprinkled on dairy-free chocolate chips. Top with another Peep and serve! More playing with history puppets and corn bread made... then it was time for dinner.

All morning I did reading, writing and arithmetic activities with them each individually. Usually I do the basic reading, writing and arithmetic activities on their own grade levels with them individually. In group we do mostly science, history and fine arts activities. Katie helped Quentin draw an Umbrella and he added raindrops and puddles. We investigated color mixing with these cool colored paddles.  Katie emptied the most all the baking supplies out of the cabinets scrubbed down the cabinets, discarded anything that wasn't going to be used and put everything back neatly. Quentin and James played cowboys (or outlaws...or some combination), and many other boy adventures. Then we took off for a library trip (45 minutes away, so it is a big trip.)  Enjoyed dinner out and came home very late.  Nighttime reading and to bed.
We had a lot of fun this morning playing and exploring...

with Fidgets, Mag blocks, and with dry ice. (More about our investigations here.) Mars's surface is made of dry ice. Katie helped Quentin make a punch -"U is for Umbrella" Punch.
We started off the morning by heading to Lowes for their children's woodworking program. This time they built little wooden tic-tac-toe games. After we got home and had lunch, the boys got involved in all sorts of activities -impromptu karaokee,  drawing, building with the Magblocks, and loving the kitties. Then there was investigations in parallel and series circuits and measuring voltage which led to individual investigations.

Dramatic Play with Costumes
Stuffed Toys Going for Rides on the Scooter
We took off for a restocking trip. We needed to restock food stuffs and craft and science experiment supplies. Town is 45 minutes away, so a trip like this takes up much of the afternoon.  I began our violin-making project. We played many, many games. For their bedtime story, Dad read The Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood in costume.

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