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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Snapshot Summary December 28-January 3

On the 4th Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave to Me One Beautiful Son...

Nine years ago, that is.
But before the celebrating began we played a lot with our new Christmas toys
and investigated magnets, seeing what is magnetic and what is not, seeing how many paperclips could be picked up,
magnetizing paperclips, and playing with iron filings.
Math and handwriting because it is fun.
And then, finally, the celebration of my son's 9 trips around the sun.
Katie made the beautiful gfcf cake and we had a peanut butter cup one as well for those who eat wheat and milk.

Funny thing is that everyone who tried both preferred the gfcf one. so two wishes were made, one for each cake.
Happy Birthday, my sweet James.
The Fifth Day of Christmas and the Five Golden Rings of Gratitude

Today I felt so grateful for all the beauty and joy in my life, and I thought about how these things were more valuable than gold. Here are samples of three years worth of ornaments my mother-in-law has hand stitched for us. Aren't they beautiful? They represent some of the beauty and joy of the season, which is my first golden ring. I am grateful she shares her immense talent with us. (She also did our Christmas Stockings.)
Katie helped Quentin make a "S is for Snake" project. I am grateful for her help and her patience and gentleness with her brothers. That is my second golden ring. They played a lot today with all the toys from Christmas and James' birthday.

I am grateful for how well they all share and play together. They are truly friends. That is my third golden ring.
We did some schoolwork. I am grateful of how agreeable and enthusiastic they usually are to "do school." I am also grateful to be able to school them and see them grow and develop in their skills. That is my fourth golden ring. I am grateful that my best friend could be here this season. We have been best friends since we were 12 years old, and we have been through much together. I am grateful that we are still best friends. This is my fifth golden ring.

Do you have golden rings this day?
The day's activities started with cozy chats under the covers of my bed. We watched the Mockingbird that sits on the same branch of the Holly tree just outside my bedroom window. James and Quentin began making up winter poems spontaneously. James began with

In the Winter
the sky is white.
In the winter
it is snowing.
At this point Quentin interjected and said that he could write a winter poem, too.
Play outside
in the wintertime.
Hot cocoa
in the wintertime.
We go around the fire
in the wintertime.

James said that he liked that and wanted to add that to his poem, so he wrote;
In the winter
we play outside.
In the winter
we warm up with hot cocoa.
In the winter
we go and get cold again.

Not to be outdone (since James' poem was longer), Quentin illustrated his.
Play outside in the wintertime.
Hot cocoa in the wintertime.
We go around the fire
 In the wintertime.
And so with a fine morning beginning in a fine way, we next enjoyed Eggnog French Toast and then a pretend picnic by the fire and making magnetic investigations. Katie helped Quentin with making a snack,  "S is for Sunflower" Meanwhile a tightrope walking tack grew into a magnetic circus and a big puzzle wanted his snack, too! Painting Crusaders. Playing Cootie and Alex learned to cheat for the first time. He tried to hide the die in his hand and turn it to the number he wanted. He got a 6 four times in a row. I was so surprised that I let him do it. I better stop him next time, however before it gets to be a habit! Playing Mancala. Reading just for fun. Lego building (of course),  pen and ink drawing and calligraphy, Shut the Box, Connect 4, Hi, Ho, Cherry-O, Monkeys and Weasels, Mancala, again, Don't Break the Ice, Painting Cast & Paint Army Men, Shut the Box, again...

The Seventh Day of Christmas, New Year's Eve
Hope your New Year's Eve was as safe and satisfying as ours.
The Eighth Day of Christmas: New Year's Day
The first morning of the brand new year started out with a very simple, but very fine breakfast -doughnuts. While Steven and James set to the task of putting together the marble run James had gotten for his birthday black-eyed peas went on for a quick soak, kabobs were marinated and other such preparations. As the day progressed, so did the marble run which now included a ticket booth for the roller coaster. I went on with a new year's activity of my own and the marble run grew and grew and soon was ready for testing We had several competent testers seven, to be precise. Then it was time for dinner Hoppin' John, of course,

"Eat poor that day, eat rich the rest of the year. Rice for riches and peas for peace."- Southern saying on eating a dish of Hoppin' John on New Year's Day.
Corn Pudding, corn on the cob (for those who can't have the butter and milk of the corn pudding) and the kabobs. We rang in the New Year right before dinner with a toast of Sparkling Cider and noisemakers since only two of us stayed up until midnight last night.
2 &3
Saturday and Sunday
The marble run ended up ready for a new configuration, the same was true for my schooling supplies. A clean up for the new year was in order. New supplies needed to have their own places, and old things needed to be moved on. We've been enjoying our new things, which has inspired thought and conversation. Quentin saw new horizons viewing other ships from his crow's nest. Any new horizons for you?

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