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Saint Francis DeSales

Breathing Life into a Workbook Page

Let me say first that Quentin loves workbooks. He loves the tidiness of them. He loves the bright colors. He loves to feel that he can do things that other kids his age are "supposed" to do. I avoid workbooks, but since he loves them, he gets them and he does them as much as he wants to. With that said, I would like to tell you of a game we made out of one of his workbook pages. He wanted to be more creative with a particular page than the page allowed for, so we cut out the pictures of items and pictures of price tags from his workbook page. He put them together however he wanted. I got out some coins and then we played store. We each had a store and we took turns buying things, which therefore added to our own store stock. He had to read the prices and translate that into coins. He had to make change. He got to be creative. We played for quite some time, and laughed and had a lovely time. A time where learning and play are one and the same.

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